Open letter chastising PDI following portrayal of killed of Abu Sayyaf leader as “very good kid” goes viral

On Sunday, PDI reported the death of new Abu Sayyaf leader Joselito Melloria who was killed during a military operation in Clarin, Bohol.

For whatever reason, PDI opted to sensationalized the report of the death of the Abu Sayyaf leader by describing him in the news lead as a “very good kid” while growing up.

The PDI’s glowing homage for the dead bandit did not sit well with social media people.

The reporter obviously wrote the article with one purpose in mind: portray the Boholano Abu Sayyaf leader as a kind and respectful young man before joining the bandit group. [PDI]

“He was a very good kid. He never refused when asked to do an errand,” the reporter quoted one of the neighbors of Joselito Melloria.

Meanwhile, on the day PDI published the article about Melloria, a soldier was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf group in Sulu.

The news of the beheading of the soldier angered social media people including the articulate Mark Lopez who took to Facebook venting his anger against PDI via a brief open letter.

Dear Philippine Daily Inquirer,

Right after your glowing news report of an Abu Sayaf member whom you so painstakingly tried to depict as a “very good kid,” his gang has just BEHEADED a Filipino soldier who was involved in the peace process.

Now what?

Will you now banner the story with the headline “Soldier of peace beheaded by kind hearted bandits?”

Or will you just ignore the story completely?

As of this writing, Mark Lopez’s post has gathered 604 shares, 1,872 reactions and 113 comments on Facebook and growing.

Mark’s post strikes a chord among netizens thus explains why the post goes viral in a matter of hours.

Let us gauge the response of social media by reading the comments on Facebook.

Angelo Santos remarked: “They have evolved to being a PR machine than being a news source. They are deliberately covering up reality to please their paying customers.”

Divine Tabujara Franco wrote: “Lakas maka gago nag hhnap ng kkampi yta pra mapigilan ang buwis utang 3bilyon something lol! Cguro pti IS nito balak na din katigan ng mga animal na ito salot!”

Joyce Atilano Herrera Wong said: “BIR……what are you waiting for? Inquirer will continue to publish trash news because they think they can get away with it.”

Your reaction, please!

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