Open letter chides 2019 Bar topnotcher Mae Diane Azores’ for “state of the nation worst in years” statement

An open letter castigating 2019 Bar Exam Topnotcher Mae Diane Azores has been making the rounds online lately.

Ms. Azores merited a mean response from ‘The Brave Filipinos’ for her Facebook post wherein she described the state of the nation as “worst in years” under Duterte and the Filipinos getting used to waking up to exasperating news. “We all know that the state of the nation is at its worst in years. We’ve become accustomed to waking up to frustrating and infuriating news everyday.’

She continued: ‘Hearing false promises and empty rhetoric have become the “new normal”. Nakakapaogd na, tama na.’

The Brave Filipinos wasted no time and responded to Ms. Azores’ statement on Facebook which he or she described “ambiguous”. Why? Because Ms. Azores failed to give the specifics of the problem. The “our nation is at worst” phrase caught the attention of ‘The Brave Filipinos’ which he or she noted failed to point out a particular issue and the reasons as support why she said so. On that note, ‘The Brave Filipinos’ can’t help but doubt how she topped the Bar exam in this condition.

On Ms. Azores statement that false promises and empty rhetorics have become the new normal, ‘The Brave Filipinos’ enumerated 13 promises of then Mayor and now President Duterte made in the 2016 election and asked her to comment on it one by one and tell the public if the President failed to deliver those promises or not. You may skipped to the part where the 13 promises she needs to comment on and go over yourself and see if President Duterte delivered those promises as well.

On Ms Azores accusing President Duterte of making empty rhetorics? ‘The Brave Filipinos’ responded by reminding her the meaning of rhetoric in case she has forgot the meaning of the word. The Brave Filipinos explained that as Ms. Azores recognized it as rhetorical, then it is not empty at all since President Duterte’s rhetoric has achieved its purpose, hence it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH actual administration execution of governance in and by itself! Since she cited “rhetoric” ergo, the speeches of the president met the requirements of what ought to be a rhetorical by nature. The Brave Filipinos remarked that Ms. Azores statement is extremely FALLACIOUS!

The Brave Filipinos ended the FB post by telling Ms. Azores to stop practicing law if that’s how she figure things out. To think that she just passed the bar while saying something about pretending to be an intellectual and learned when one does not really belong in that category.

You may read the original FB post below.

Mae Diane Azores,
2019 Bar Exam Topnotcher
Your statement is ambiguous and I’m sorry for having said this. Why? Simply because you are like talking about the whole solar system without pointing the Ozone Layer’s condition as the major issue. You mentioned the phrase “our nation is at worst” (the superlative) without pointing its particular issue and your substantial supports why you said so. In this sense, I am considering my doubts why you obtained the highest rating in 2019 BAR Exam in this condition. I am pretty sure that you are referring the present administration with your “false promises” and “empty rhetoric” accusations and this for you “the new normal”
✓President Duterte promised to combat illegal drug trade and use. Didn’t he fulfill that? Answer!
✓He promised to eradicate corruption. Didn’t he fulfill that?
✓He promised fast documents processing like passports, licensing et Al. Didn’t he fulfill that?
✓He promise free irrigation system and all agri-related sustenance, improvements and modernization. Didn’t he fulfill that?
✓He ventures Build Build Build Infra projects: highways, farm to market roads, high end bridges, airports, fly overs, rehab of PNR, LRT and MRT, terminals, TRAIN SA ILALIM NG LUPA, Sport Complex, Express ways, et Al. Can’t you see those efforts?
✓He modernized the AFP, PNP and Fire Fighters, enhanced Rescue Equipments and trainings, Organize a responsive NDRRMC down to local levels et Al. Can’t you see those initiatives?
✓He increased salaries for our soldiers, police, teachers, medical people esp nurses, still you defy all these realities?
✓He managed to collect tax from hard tax EVADERS Oligarchs and collected billions of pesos and rapid increase collections of BIR, still false promises for you?
✓He made Republic Acts, Executive Orders for FOI, National ID, BARMM, Health Care, etc etc etc etc! Then still false promises?
✓He made programs for OFWs, rescued them from oppression, charges et Al. Still false promises for you?
✓Minings closed, rehab Boracay and distributed land titles to the farmers, rehab Pasig River and Manila Bay, still false promises?
✓Making the country more secure by making Anti Terror Act, fighting and controlling terrorism activities, rescuing and making people safe during calamities still false promises?
✓receiving billions of donated funds and goods from international communities, signed bundles of business agreements then still false promises? At madami madami pang iba. Now answer daw!

Rhetoric: the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. By the mere fact that you recognized it as rhetorical then it is NO EMPTY at all but indeed it fulfills what ought to be the content of a rhetoric AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH actual administration execution of governance in and by itself! You cited “rhetoric” ergo, the speeches of the president met the requirements of what ought to be a rhetorical by nature. Your statement is extremely FALLACIOUS!

Napagod ka na ba? Then stop practicing your profession as lawyer if this the way you figure things out! Pagod agad e kakapasa mo Lang sa BAR. It is really hard to belong to “INTELLECTUALS AND LEARNED” when you are actually don’t belong there!

Your comment?

Source: The Brave Filipinos

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