Open Letter: Duterte supporter slams TIME reporter who accused Duterte of paying trolls to make him #1 in online poll

A TIME magazine reporter has caused an uproar online after accusing President Duterte of paying trolls to make him number one in TIME’s 100 online poll.

Speaking of the online poll run by TIME magazine, here’s what they have to say about it.

“The TIME 100—our annual list of the most influential people in the world—features a number of leading artists, politicians, lawmakers, scientists and leaders of tech and business. Although TIME’s editors will choose the final list of honorees, we want readers to share their choices with us as well.”

Going back to the controversy surrounding Mahita Gajanan,  the TIME magazine reporter wrote on March 30, 2017:

“Duterte has been known to use social media to promote his agenda and has reportedly paid people to push him to popularity online.

Check out the screenshot below.

Mahita’s allegation did not sit well with Duterte supporters who wasted no time in posting their sentiments on Facebook.

Orion Perez, leading proponent of constitutional reforms and federalism in the Philippines and an OFW wrote a scathing response to TIME reporters allegation hours ago.

An obviously angry Perez demanded an apology on behalf of the Filipino people whom the TIME reporter insulted by accusing them of getting paid to make Duterte top the online poll.

Perez told Mahita that even non-Filipinos (Asians) including expats living in and outside the Philippines have cast their online votes in favor of Duterte.

Check out the full text of the post below.

MAHITA GAJANAN of Time Magazine:

“How dare you idiotically insist that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has ‘reportedly paid people to push him to popularity online.’

Why is it that whenever something goes against the pathetic biases that you pieces of manure hold, you always insist that people are paid to push an agenda online? Well guess what? No one paid us to vote for Rodrigo Roa Duterte on the Time “person of the year” poll.

A huge number of ordinary Filipinos just simply rushed online to make it known that we overwhelmingly support him. Why can’t you idiotic turds get that???? Is it so hard for you pieces of shit to acknowledge that Duterte has our support??????

Just because he does not match your idea of what you want the Time Magazine “person of the year” to look and sound like, you automatically assume in knee-jerk fashion that the online results are not only fake, but pushed by Duterte himself. Heck, the guy doesn’t give a rat’s ass about accolades, and the guy’s so stingy he wouldn’t even pay a cent to have us write good stuff about him: we would gladly do that for free!

Duterte’s early surge in the online polls is purely us ordinary Filipino netizens spontaneously trying to tell the whole world that the drivel that you malicious fiends keep spewing out aimed at making him and our country look bad does not match the reality. You idiots want to make it seem like he’s a tyrant who doesn’t really have much support. What you don’t know is that after the elections last year, he won over a huge number of people who didn’t vote for him (some of the pro-Duterte online activists I collaborate with campaigned and voted for OTHER CANDIDATES but within a few months of his reform-oriented administration, they got converted by the sudden improvement in many government services to become his staunch supporters).

Where do you get the gall to insert jabs aimed at mocking those of us who voted for him online? Why can’t you just accept that the vast majority of Filipinos support him?

Can’t you people acknowledge that finally, the Philippines has someone who has united the many different groups, social classes, factions, etc all around the need for no-nonsense leadership, fighting against crime, and fixing the flaws of our dysfunctional system?

Don’t you people even realize that many of the people voting for Duterte include a lot of non-Filipinos who agree with us that he’s exactly what the Philippines needs to get things straightened out? That includes a lot of fellow Asians and citizens of fellow third world countries around the world as well as Western expats based in the Philippines who know fully well what’s wrong with the lousy system and so they’re breathing a sigh of relief that finally, here’s someone who is out to get things fixed in the only way possible in a country like the Philippines: with strong political will.

Haven’t you seen the videos of Duterte’s campaign rallies? Didn’t you see the gigantic crowds? How about the crowds of overseas Filipinos who come over to his overseas addresses to the overseas Filipino Communities? Haven’t you seen how Duterte enjoyed tremendous support in Indonesia AMONG INDONESIANS? How about the support for him in the rest of Asia?

Why do you turds refuse to acknowledge what is so obvious?

Why do you idiots insist on downplaying the only means we ordinary Filipinos have to prove to you “gatekeepers of mainstream media” that Duterte really does have our genuine support?

Take a good look at yourselves and you’ll find that you people have ceased to do the work you swore you would do and have instead insisted on sticking with a misguided elitist anti-reform agenda.

MAHITA GAJANAN, you owe the Filipino People who voted for Rodrigo Duterte on the Time online poll an apology.”

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