Open letter from a Kakampink to Leni Robredo speaks of disappointment & impatience in Leni camp for her inaction versus fake news peddlers?

While tensions flare between the Duterte and Marcos supporters after some Duterte vloggers and supporters are calling PBBM on weak on social media because he is not cursing the criminals amid alleged rising crime rate and cracking the whip on the PNP in public, it seems trouble is brewing among the Kakampinks because of the former VP’s inaction against detractors spreading fake news to malign her.

A Kakampink using the profile name Cholo @Cholol_on Twitter wrote an open letter to Leni Robredo venting once frustration at the former VP and her team for not taking action against fake news peddlers who continue to torment the former VP on social media.

For context why some Kakampinks are frustrated at former VP Robredo for her inaction against so-called fake news peddlers.

Cholo argued that unless the former VP take action against fake news peddlers by taking them to court, nothing will change.

Cholo clarified Kakampinks like her love Leni Robredo but she can’t help but compare the former VP to a friend who does not listen even if she has been warned repeatedly about a BF who is riddled with red flags.

Cholo added that if the response is, “abogado kami, alam namin ginagawa namin”, she will oblige and go silent mode and just wait for her next move.

A fellow Kakampink replied to say that she expected Leni Robredo will do nothing about this since she did not also take action against fake news peddlers during the campaign when she felt it was necessary then.

A Kakampink using the profile name #Angge chimed in, expressing frustration with the former VP for not doing anything against her so-called fake news peddlers.

Meanwhile, half of the commenters defended the former VP, arguing that litigation is an expensive proposition. Yes, many Kakampinks will surely donate but the money is better spent in Angat Buhay NGO and will benefit many of our countrymen.

This sentiment is also shared by another Kakampink using the profile name alden digao lim.


Source: Twitter

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