Open letter from a PMA alumnus to Erwin Tulfo in wake of mediaman’s tirade versus DSWD Sec: “THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A TIME FOR RECKONING!”

Erwin Tulfo has earned the ire of PMA alumni after he berated, threatened to slap the DSWD Secretary when they meet for refusing to grant Tulfo’s request for a phone patch interview.

Tulfo ranted versus DSWD Secretary Roland Bautista on his radio show which was also broadcasted on Facebook. Unfortunately, the video on Facebook has already been taken down.

In the video, Tulfo gave DSWD Secretary a tongue lashing.

Tinatawagan po namin ang DSWD. Itong Secretary Rolando Bautista. Maski tao ka ni Pangulong Duterte, lelecturan lang kita.

Secretary Bautista ng DSWD, listen up and listen good! Tinatawagan ka namin para marinig ng kababayan namin nating mahihirap…ang stand naming mahihirap. Hindi yung sasabihan mo na, “Sumulat muna kami, 5 days before.” Sino ka ba punyetang na kailangan ko pa sumulat-sulat sa inyo. Sagutin mo yang telepono dahil ikaw ay DSWD.

Ikaw ang Secretary ng Social Welfare and Development. Gusto marinig nga kababayan natin, ano ang magagawa mo para sa kanila, buang. Hindi yung sasabihan mo ako na sasabihan Secretary ko na sumulat kayo. Hintayin nyo mga limang araw.

Sampalin kita pag-nakita kita, boang ka. Wala akong pakialam kahit retired General ka. Ngudngurin ko mukha mo sa inidoro. Demonya ka, isa ka pa. Dagdag ka sa problema. Kaya tayo napupulaan ng mga lintik na dilawan.

Anyway, you may watch the video below for details.

Tulfo’s rant on Facebook was uploaded on YouTube via the Vaklang tomBOY YT channel and has attracted netizens sympathetic to DSWD Secretary Bautista, as Tulfo said is a retired General.

DSWD Secretary Roland Bautista was a member of the Sandiwa Class of 1985.

Netizen Bobby Almencion reposted the open letter written by an anonymous fellow PMA alumnus of Bautista by commenting on the YouTube video.

In the open letter, the sender introduced himself as AGUSTIN NICOLAS LEANO SOTELO, member of the PMA Hinirang Class Of 1987.

Sotelo talked about respect, protocols, the price of freedom and all of the things Tulfo are enjoying.

Sotelo told Tulfo that perhaps he was absent when GMRC was taught or his parents did not deem Erwin deserving to be taught such.

Sotelo reminded Tulfo that he owes his freedom to the soldiers who keep the peace lest the insurgents (NPA or Islamist) become the rulers of the country where Erwin will have died the minute he ended his ranting on national media.

Sotelo reasoned that people who makes a lot of noise are empty cans. In other words, Tulfo is just air and nothing more.

Sotelo then went on to explain how government bureaucracy works which he said is comparable to how the military also operates.

In the same open letter, Sotelo gave Tulfo a brief history of the colorful military career of retired General Bautista, his sacrifices for the country as a veteran Musang or Scout Ranger in the Mindanao theater fighting the NPAs, MILF, MNLF, Abu Sayyafs and lately as the commanding General responsible for liberating Marawi from the ISIS insurgents.

Sotelo ended the open letter by telling Tulfo to taunt the shabby, but not the very kind or snappy, “GALITIN MO NA YUNG MAGAN O SHABBY, WAG LANG YUNG VERY KIND O SNAPPY.”

You may read the full text of Sotelo’s open letter below.


Mr. You,

I am AGUSTIN NICOLAS LEANO SOTELO, a member of PMA Hinirang Class Of 1987. I was brought up, just like you, by a military officer such as your father so I need not tell you of the many things one learns like that of respect, protocols, the price of freedom and all of those things you are enjoying. Seems, you were absent when GMRC was being taught, or perhaps, your father and mother just did not deem you valuable to be taught such.

Even your foul-mouthed ways you are enjoying now are because of that democracy that soldiers keep for you, lest the CPP-NPA or the Abu Sayyaf become the rulers of this country where you will have died the minute you ended your ranting on national media. I guess it is true what they say “An empty can makes a lot of noise!”

In transacting business in any office, whether government or civilian, there are protocols to be met. You are to follow and respect the processes of how to have your problems addressed by certain people you have to see or talk to. When you have a problem with your mike in your studio, you do not go calling your president of the company. Rather, you call maintenance. If the technician does not address the problem, you go a little higher. Now, just because you have such a feeling of entitlement, just like your other siblings, do you go to the owner of your station? I think not, but like I said, your feelings of entitlement always gets the best of you.

In government, it is the same. Just because of advances in technology, you skip the protocols required of a human being. In the military, it is doctrine. The soldier follows the chain of command so that there will always be order. If your buddy could not help, you see your squad leader. If he could not help with your problem, you go to the platoon leader, then to the company commander, then them battalion commander. If all else fails, the brigade commander, then the division commander. Last is then, the commanding general.

That “punyetang” DSWD secretary you were bad-mouthing on the air was in fact an upperclassman of mine in the Philippine Military Academy. He was one of our snappiest upperclassmen, being a very highly-respected and well-loved member of Sandiwa Class of 1985 and a Charlie Company mate of mine. He entered the Philippine Army and became an Scout Ranger, one of the most elite units of the AFP and in fact, the fightingest unit in all the 7,107 islands you know as the Philippines.

If you do not know of his career path, Sec Rolly “BOTE” Bautista, spent most if not all his life as an Army Ranger in Mindanao, fighting the NPA’s, MILF, MNLF and the Abu Sayyaf, while all the balls you have come from those hiding behind what you call press freedom, of which, as every soldier does, sheds blood, sweat and tears and sometimes, their lives, just so stupid people like yourself can enjoy such freedom.

Before he became the group commander of the Presidential Security Group, he was in Western Mindanao, fighting the Abu Sayyaf and other lawless elements in his AOR. He would later be tasked with leading the whole Philippine Army. As for you? Seems, you have inherited in your genes, sadly, what you may think to be a birthright to insulting people, simply because of that freedom the guy you are insulting and badmouthing fought for, most of his adult life.

Now, just as fair warning. In the Academy, I as a plebe and as an underclassman have learned, “GALITIN MO NA YUNG MAGAN O SHABBY, WAG LANG YUNG VERY KIND O SNAPPY.” Seems, you have awakened the ire not just of many of his friends, but also the hundreds in his PMA class, his upperclassmen and underclassmen, his ranger buddies of which there are thousands, the Army soldiers he once commanded as well as those like me, who respects the good man.

I am in no way threatening you, merely using my right also, as cared for by our uniformed band of brothers of the repercussion of having too much freedom. Remember, freedom is the right to be wrong, never the right to do wrong.

In parting, there is always a saying that has been inculcated in our minds as plebes and I will share it with you:


Have a wonderful rest of your life, Mr. YOU!!


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