Open letter paints Leni Robredo a “traitor” & “subservient weak” leader willing to do anything by supporting UNHRC reso

An open letter lambasting Vice President Leni Robredo for endorsing UNHCR resolution seeking to investigate human rights violations and EJK’s of Duterte’s war on drugs circulates online.

Netizen Jun Avelino said that for willingly supporting the UNHCR resolution adopted by mere 18 countries but rejected by 14 members and the abstention of 15 who may have viewed such resolution pathetic and irrelevant, Robredo yielded the country’s independence and sovereignty like a whore, to the whims and caprices of those 18 maniacs whose sentiments do not even reflect the collective stance of the 47 Council members, much less, the 193 members of the United Nations.

Avelino told Robredo that Duterte’s war on drugs has the mandate of the people by virtue of PRRD’s 2016 win as the ultimate solution to self-preservation of its very existence as a nation because war on drugs was his election campaign promise and yet 16 million Filipinos still voted for him.

Avelino reckoned Robredo may have not feel it from her ivory tower, but ordinary Filipinos do are exposed everyday to all the heinous crimes happening on daily basis which are mostly drug-related, where more than 5 million Filipinos have been rendered victims thereon, and hundreds of billions of pesos worth of confiscated drugs, which if left unchecked, would have rendered this country into becoming a narco-state.

Sadly, Avelino lamented, the illegal drug problem became rampant in the previous administration where Robredo was part of.

Avelino declared PH battle against drug menace is purely domestic affair and if any Filipino, including Robredo who may have a better approach in winning the drug war, should first win the mandate of the Filipino people through the electoral process which happens in 3 years’ time. Any shortcut to that process is a travesty to the very democratic ideals which this country is built upon. Otherwise, Robredo should better shut up, wait for turn in 2022 and if she get the mandate of 100-M strong Filipinos, she can do whatever she wants in solving the drug problem of the country.

For readily submitting our country’s sovereignty to the whims of the 18 countries who voted, whose respective drug wars miserably failed, it exposed Robredo as a weak leader. Rather than resisting foreign intervention on our domestic affairs, Robredo allowed to become a party to the black propaganda which maliciously maligned PH independence and sovereignty. If Robredo does not find this discomforting, she does not deserve an ounce of respect, much less adulation from the people she betrayed, whom he said are now ready to punish Robredo with banishment from PH politics.


Avelino said Robredo’s support of the UNHRC resolution is tantamount to treason and called on every patriotic and freedom-loving Filipino citizen of this country should therefore condemn such hooker stance of our country’s Vice President on the UNHRC resolution which is a grievous act of betrayal to the sense of our country’s independence and sovereignty!

Jun Avelino
From a Manobo Tribe
Malita, Davao Occidental

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You may visit the link below to read the full text of the open letter.

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