Open letter responds to petition from anonymous group seeking Duterte’s ouster circulates online

Yesterday, a petition from PADEM (Patriotic and Democratic Movement) circulated online asking for Duterte’s ouster for betrayal of public trust.

The blog ‘PinoyAbrod’ published an article based on the petition allegedly from the said group. For details about the PADEM petition, please follow the link¬† here.

PADEM cited 10 reasons why President Duterte has betrayed the public trust. Notably, the group accused Duterte of using the police and the AFP as his ‘private army and condoning and top level drug lords. PADEM cited Paolo Duterte as an example of the top level drug lord.

Jennifer Aquino, a Duterte supporter took to Facebook responding to the purported open letter from PADEM.

In the response letter, Aquino asked PADEM where have they been all this time to lift a finger and improve the lives of the policemen and soldiers when these issues plagued the PNP and AFP in the past?

Before ending her post, Aquino called PADEM ‘fake’ since they were not invited when Duterte met RAM (rebel organization with long history of coup d ‘etats in the past) in Malacanang.

Dear “Padem”.

So, you want to get rid of Duterte. You’ve cited some items that may sound credible but not entirely true. Bottom line, you want to get rid of a President that has done nothing wrong to the PNP and the AFP except make the lives of those who protect the people better, something you never did in your entire political life… if you even had one worth reading about.

You came out with a petition that no one else except “Antonio Bonifacio” “certified and signed”, but no one else. No face, no name and a bunch of half truths twisted to make it appear that the President is worse than you and the previous administration.

Yes, it stinks of Oakwood stench. Because quite recently, the promulgator of the Oakwood Mutiny has done nothing except be a town barker and scream “Duterte will fall! Duterte will fall.” And just like town barkers [not even a town crier which is a bit more credible than a barker] are ignored, this barker actually believes that people pay attention to his antics. It’s like watching a dog chase it’s own tail then proclaim success once it catches it’s own tail. The scene alone is pathetic.. and so like how this Oakwood stinker looked as he was being hauled off to jail with his trousers being dragged.

If indeed there is such a group called “Padem”, my question is – where have you been all this time? Why haven’t you lifted a finger in the past to better the lifestyle and salaries of Policemen and the AFP? An umbrella group that has nothing to show for it. Can’t even send decent boots to the soldiers on field. Not even improve their food rations on field. Provide cops with better guns. Tsk tsk.

I think you invented “Padem” because the RAM was welcomed recently by the President in the Palace. And I guess, you were not even invited. Boo hoo. Serves you right.

Quite recently, the real AFP came out with a statement totally demolishing your claim. Boo hoo. Cuts at the roots twice.

And what makes you think the PNP would even take your side? I doubt it. The current batch of Policemen have never been recognized and honored by any sitting President. Only now under Duterte. And what’s wrong if their families are taken cared of in case they die in the line of duty? If you die in the line of duty [which I hope you will soon], your family will be looked after by promises made and kept by Duterte.You don’t want that? You selfish douchebag.

So “Padem”… before you are “maPADEMpot” by the real cops and real soldiers of this country, next time you want to come out with a petition to ouster a hard working President, make sure to follow these guidelines. Very simple so that you can comprehend it, even a moron like you should be able to understand it:

= use your real name, rank and service ID and sign it,
= get other “high ranking” officers to do the same thing,
= make sure that when you come out, there’s mainstream media to cover your press con.
Simple, right? Like I said, even a moron like you, Antonio Bonifacio, can understand.

Now go home to mommy and cry at her palda before we start spanking you with Leni’s slippers and whip you with Andy’s latigo.

What can you say about the letter?

Source: Jennifer Aquino

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