Open letter responds to President Duterte’s “kung sabihin ninyo ako nagkulang, eh sorry” statement, goes viral

An open letter from a staunch Duterte supporter has generated quite buzz on Facebook because 10,400+ netizens appeared to agree with the message of the author MJ Quiambao Reyes.

Reyes wrote the open letter to tell the President that he has nothing to feel sorry for because he did his best and have done a lot in areas, where most of his predecessors have failed.

Reyes went to cite 8 majors issues, which in her opinion the President did an excellent job.

Reyes ended the open letter by leaving a quote which goes that history will judge him by the kind of enemies he made.

You did your best and have accomplished a lot in areas where most, if not all, of your predecessors have failed.
You fought so many battles all at the same time. As such, you have become the #1 ENEMY of the ff elements:

  1. drugs & criminal syndicates
  2. drug protectors, narco politicians, rogue cops
  3. terrorists & big-time extortionists
  4. greedy oligarchs & kingmakers
  5. oligarch-controlled lamestream media
  6. big time tax evaders
  7. aliens who want to keep us as their puppet
  8. corrupt officials who want to take their power back

History will judge you by the kind of enemies you have made.
Salamat at mabuhay ka, Mahal na Pangulong Rody Duterte! 🇵🇭

Netizens jumped into comment section to tell President Duterte that he has nothing to feel sorry for.

Hindi ka ngkulang mahal naming panguloSubra2 na nga mga nagawa mo sa 5 taon na serbisyo mo sa bayan. Ngpasalamat po kami sa inyo sa mga nagawa moKong wala ka ngayon iwan lng kong ano na ngyari sa pinas, wrote one netizen.

Mr president, you have set the bar too high. Now we know what shud a president do. Shud and can do. You running as VP will ensure that the next president will keep that standard, anything lower than that runs the risk of early eviction. We now know better. We now know what to ask for a president! added another.

We are so proud of you our PRRD! We can all attest that in your admin everything is possible! You did what most presidents before you did not do anything to uplift the spirit of the people. We really feel your sincerity to give us a better Philippines! We are all behind you. May God bless and protect you always!!🥰👊🇵🇭 remarked another netizen.

You may not be perfect sir, but you’re still the best president we ever had !With that, allow me to convey my deepest gratitude and respect Sir! 💯❤🦾🇵🇭 chimed in another.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes


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