Open letter slams former PNoy spokeswoman who made fun at “Bato” dela Rosa for asking in jest where to attend seminar on lawmaking

You reap what you sow.

This is the lesson that former Malacanang spokeswoman Abigail Valte learned after making a nasty remark versus soon to be senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Twitter.

Valte made the remark in reaction to former PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa’s self-deprecating retort when asked by CNN Philippines of his first move when elected.

“Ewan ko kung meron bang seminar dyan, or ano bang training dyan para matutuhan ko kung paano gawin ‘yung ng batas, kung paano gawin ‘yung trabaho sa senado. Kung merong ganon I’ll take that opportunity para matuto ako.”

On Twitter, Valte remarked that lawyers need to study law for 4 years, hurdle the bar to get a license and finally, practice law. But here comes a lawmaker, as the name suggests, who are supposed to pass laws is asking for seminar. Valte said, she isn’t sure, but something isn’t right.

Because of her “parang may mali” remark, Valte has earned the backlash of DDS, especially from staunch Duterte supporter Krizette Laureta Chu who retaliated with equal ferocity.

How? Chu retorted that Valte thinks like this because her ‘Boss’ Noynoy Aquino who was a senator for 12 years did not pass a single law because unlike her, he did not study law. Not only Noynoy was a know-nothing senator, worse, he did aspire for improvement.

After his mother died, he became President. Because he knows nothing, Noynoy hired Valte.

Chu said that explains why Valte thinks that way, like Noynoy. To think, Chu said, they were paid by taxpayers money despite their inexperienced.

Chu remarked that explains why the country was in a mess when they were in power.

Chu borrowed Valte’s line that it appear something isn’t right and that is the opposition where Valte’s loyalty lies.

Chu praised (insert sarcasm) Valte’s high standards in fact she served the high achieving government and former President Noynoy.

Chu said she was embarrassed of the best government ever serving the people now.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below now.

Dear Abi Valte,

Kaya pala yung amo mong si Noynoy, walang nagawang batas sa 12 years niyang pagiging Senator no? Kasi walang alam. Tapos hindi lang walang alam, never nangarap mag improve.

Tapos dahil namatayan naging Presidente. Tapos dahil walang alam nga, hinire ka. Kaya ganyan ka mag isip, pareho kayo. Akalain mo yun, pinasuweldo namin kayo sa lagay na yan.

Kaya siguro nagka leche leche Pilipinas nung kayo may hawak no? Di ko Lang sure, parang kayo yung mali?

Taas ng standards teh? High achieving government and President mo teh? Nahiya naman kami sa best government ever na nanilbihan sa Amin teh

Alinuj Bandgars Sen Bato DELA Rosa is just humble enough to accept his limitations. When he was in the service, he implemented the law. Now that he is a lawmaker, his knowledge is limited thus he is Honest enough to admit it. The more important thing is that this man is bound to serve his country and countrymen to the best of his abilities with courage, loyalty, and integrity.

Congrats! Sen. BATO!

Here are some of the comments of the supporters of soon to be senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Valte’s remark.

Joriz Villaruz Trillanes is a Lieutenant and Bato is a General. Both have Masters degree in Public administration. Gen. Bato served longer as a public servant than Lt. Trillanes. So why can’t he be a senator? Just because he honestly stated that he lacks knowledge and he’s open for learning?! I don’t know about u Abi, pakitapatan na lang muna yung public service achievement at educational attainment ni Gen. Bato bago ka bumanat.

Let me correct myself, Dr. Bato for his PhD👌😘

Arnel Micoy Senator Bato has a genuine Heart. Kaya naluklok sya bilang senador dahil totoo ang mga hangarin nya para sa bansang Pilipinas at naramdaman niyan ng masang Pilipino. MABUHAY KA SENATOR BATO DELA ROSA. God bless you and CONGRATULATIONS.👍👍👍

Check out the screenshot of Abi Valte’s remark versus incoming Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa.

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