Open letter slams Grace Poe for suggesting business-class train coaches for MRT to solve traffic, says suggestion not well-thought out!

Senator Grace Poe’s suggestion to introduce business class coaches for the MRT to encourage private car owners to ride the MRT and leave their cars at home has left netizens, including prominent bloggers like Thinking Pinoy scratching their heads in bewilderment.

In an open letter addressed to Poe, Thinking Pinoy asked what kind of business class Poe wants? Does Poe wants Amtrak-like business class? If yes, he exclaimed what kind of suggestion was that? It seemed to him it wasn’t a well-thought out suggestion.

First, Thinking Pinoy feared the number of passenger taking the business class coach is smaller compared to the economy/coach. Presently, the economy coach could hardly cope up with the passengers in the MRT/LRT, and then Poe wants to further reduce the passenger density of the trains?

Second, to avoid a smaller passenger density per trip, an additional coach, i.e. extra rail cars for business class is necessary.

Thinking Pinoy said, this fix poses new problems.

  1. Some stations have short platforms and in light of additional train coaches (business class), Thinking Pinoy joked how would the passengers disembark? By parachute? To address this problem, extending the platform is the solution. However, new problems arise like right-of-way/eminent domain and procurement issues.
  2. Can the existing railroad tracks take the additional weight when adding new coaches (business coach)? If not, we need to install new railroad tracks and this means, the government is going to procure new railroad tracks.
  3. Can the current engine pull the added the weight? If not, the government will purchase new and powerful engine to pull the additional weight.

Meanwhile, Thinking Pinoy asked Senator Poe if she notice the operative words like right of way, procurement and eminent domain?

Thinking Pinoy told Senator Poe these are the core obstacles of her suggestion.

Thinking Pinoy reminded Senator Poe things could go on forever in the Philippines because the country’s procurement system is notorious for being slow.

Thinking Pinoy remarked that procurement et. al are non-issues when PRRD is given emergency powers because the process of procurement, eminent domain and right of way can be simplified.

But since Senator Poe blocked the emergency powers request, she is now proposing a fix that is challenging to implement.

Thinking Pinoy said that if the government follows her suggestion, her political career would have already ended and yet we are not yet done implementing her business class coach suggestion.

Thinking Pinoy ended the FB post telling Senator Poe that giving suggestion isn’t bad but as a Senator, she is expected to be more knowledgeable more than the ordinary people. Said she should at least use Google before opening her mouth.

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Source: Thinking Pinoy

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