Open letter slams Sen. Grace Poe for “mas lumalala ang MRT” remark, slaps Poe’s face with data to prove the senator’s a liar!

Senator Grace Poe’s recent statement on mainstream media demanding explanation from the DOTr regarding the recent glitches of MRT trains has raised the eyebrows of DDS supporters and bloggers.

Poe’s remark before the mainstream media: ABS-CBN News, the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer versus the DOTr did not make a lot of Duterte supporters and bloggers like Mark Lopez very happy.

Lopez called out Poe via an open letter with the title, “TRAPOE”, a moniker that has been labeled at Poe since she ran for President in 2016 for her tendency to pander to public opinion and score “pogi” points for election purposes.

Lopez told Poe that her “sablay” or failure in English has been frequent.

In addition, Lopez said Poe’s used of mainstream media for politicking has becoming more brazen.

Lopez lamented that instead of sending a notice to DOTr to demand explanation from re MRT glitches, Poe chose to air her statement in mainstream media and made it appear like they have different headlines.

However, Lopez stated it was very obvious that it was a press release from the senator’s office.

Lopez remarked that Senator Poe’s move was very “dirty”, not sure if this was the right word, because Poe did not have the data or intel to made such statement.

Lopez called Poe a “LIAR” and her hocus-pocus is a big letdown or dismay.

Lopez concluded that Poe is no different now than the “populist” politicians or “epalitiko” like the Binays.

You may read Mark Lopez’s full FB post now.


Dear Senator Grace Poe,

Ma’am mukhang madalas na ang sablay nyo ah.

And masyado naman pong garapal ang paggamit nyo sa mainstream media para mamulitika.

Imbes na magpadala kayo ng notice to explain sa DOTr MRT eh sa media kayo bumanat, at kahit palabasin pa ng mga news outlets na kunwari iba iba headlines eh halatang halata naman na press release ng opisina mo yan.

And you know what is worse Madam?

Napaka dumi ng banat mo dahil wala ka naman datos o intel na hawak para ka magbitaw ng ganyan banat.

Napaka sinungaling mo Madam.

And nakaka dismaya yang pangaggago mo.

Sayang ka Madam. Akala ko ok ka pero may kutob ako ngayon na malamang nakikipag sabwatan ka na sa mga dilawan para maka pwesto ka sa hierarchy nila at ma consider ka bilang standard bearer nila sa 2022.

Yun lang, kitang kita ngayon na wala kang pinag kaiba sa mga epalitiko katulad ng mga Binay.

Ngayon, lantad na lantad na ang pagiging TRAPOE mo.

Lopez also posted a graphics to prove his assertion that Poe’s remark that the MRT trains are “lalong lumalala” or getting worse under the Duterte admin was wrong and merely stated to ingratiate herself to the LP and become their standard bearer in the 2022 Presidential election.

Sayang talaga.

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