Open letter strongly rebukes Trillanes for raising hell on President Duterte’s “donated” lechon

The buzz surrounding the “lechon” controversy on President Duterte’s birthday has already reached London! Yes, you read it right.

In fact, an open letter chastising a former Philippine senator for making a fuss because President Duterte had a lechon (roasted pig) on his 76th birthday circulates online.

The open letter was penned by British national Malcolm Conlan, a Londoner and self-confessed President Duterte.

In the open letter, Conlan remarked that Trillanes and the wokes were simply desperate because for the last five years, they could not oust President Duterte. Out of spite, they stooped down this low, and the rest as they say is history.

Conlan turned the tables on the former Senator, asking him what did he has on his last birthday? Conlan said he was sure the former senator did not just eat Lucky Me pancit canton noodles. Conlan dared the former senator to show the photos of his last birthday. Conlan reckoned the former senator enjoyed steak or had better food than the President.

Conlan figured that despite the bullying and desperate measures of the former senator to stay relevant, the President will serve the full term of his Presidency and since it was 76th birthday, he deserved the customary lechon and prayed Duterte will live longer.

On the insinuation that President Duterte was “cold” for celebrating his birthday while many Filipinos are reeling from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic, Conlan defended the President, saying he stayed home and celebrated his birthday with family rather than having a party fit for a President because he understands the plight of the Filipinos. Conlan asked whether President Duterte would have to go down to the level of eating rice and salt just to bow down to the level of the wokes and the former senator? What have they done for the country and the Filipino people? Conlan added.

“Haha!” Conlan laughed at the former Senator and the wokes for failing to oust President Duterte until now. Duterte won. Therefore, he deserves to eat whatever he wants. He has done a lot for the country unlike the former senator.


Source: Malcolm Conlan

HOY EX-SEN TRILLANES AND MGA WOKES!!! Wokes including Trillanes were so desperate that they couldn’t oust President…

Posted by Malcolm Conlan on Monday, March 29, 2021

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