Open letter to Angel Locsin: “May puso ka pero ewan ko lang kung utak meron.”

ICYMI, Angel Locsin and unnamed netizen had an heated exchange on Twitter after the netizen tweeted something that got under the skin of the Kapamilya actress.

A quick glance at the screenshot of the Angel Locsin’s tweet below tells us the actress lost her cool after the unnamed netizen told Locsin and fellow Duterte critics to have common sense.

Locsin responded by calling out the netizen for having the audacity to lecture her about common sense when the netizen does not even know the meaning of “mass”. The actress turned the table around by asking her critic if there was a mass burial, does it mean the entire 110M which he was fighting for would be buried too? Of course “NO”, Locsin answered. She asked where did the anger come from? She advised the critic to calm down.

Locsin’s rant on Twitter did not go unnoticed from the Duterte supporters.

One of them was a netizen named Tom Tom who wasted no time in giving the Kapamilya actress a nice tongue lashing.

Tom Tom advised the Kapamilya actress to do due diligence by doing her own research since the actress owned a decent WIFI connection and social media savvy.

Tom Tom informed Locsin that as of this writing, the government is conducting 11,000 -12,000 tests per day and ramping this up to 30,000 per day.

Tom Tom remarked that if we follow Locsin’s logic that she was not calling for testing the 110M Filipinos, perhaps the 11,000 test per day falls under the definition of Locsin’s mass testing. Tom Tom said 11,000 per day is a lot.

Tom Tom agreed that indeed Locsin is very kind and charitable as many people said. Meaning the actress has a heart but doubts if she has brains (intelligent).

Dear Angel Locsin,

Since babad naman kayo sa social media at malakas WiFi nyo sa bahay, sana naman nag research ka. Ang gobyerno po ay nag coconduct ng 11,000 to 12,000 tests per day at gagawin itong 30,000 tests per day.

Kung susundin natin ang lohika ng argumento mo na “hindi buong 110 million na populasyon ang I tetest” siguro naman po ano pasok na ang 11k per day na tinetest ng gobyerno sa idea ng Mass testing ninyo?? Marami rami na din yang 11k. Tama nga sila, matulungin ka, mabait. Meaning, may puso ka pero ewan ko lang kung utak meron.

Your comment?

Source: Tom Tom

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