Open letter to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: “What is your barometer for coming an absurd conclusion that ours is a desperate government?”

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour remarked on Twitter following Maria Ressa’s arrest that you know a government is desperate when they arrest a journalist.

Amanpour’s eyebrow raising tweet did not escape the radar of highly opinionated, combative and articulate Cebuano blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez.

Lopez admitted that he is a big fan of Amanpour, watched her quite often but despite his admiration, this did not stop Lopez from admonishing the highly respected CNN journalist for making the “desperate government” remark on Twitter.

Lopez insisted as a Filipino he has the right to know what is the basis, the standard, the barometer that led Amanpour to arrived with the conclusion that our government is desperate.

Lopez also asked whether Amanpour was aware of the facts surrounding Maria Ressa’s arrest?

Lopez added that a good journalist like Amanpour would know first before daring or caring to give their two cents.

If the answer is YES, Lopez asked Amanpour to enumerate the facts re Maria Ressa’s case and reconcile it with her earlier conclusion.

You may read the open letter below.

Ms Christiane Amanpour, I like you a lot and watch you quite often. But I wonder, how can you consider a government with, give or take, 80% approval rating one that is “desperate?” How, pray tell?

What is your basis, your standard, your barometer, gauge, or measure for coming to this absurd conclusion that ours is a desperate government? As your viewer and as a Filipino I want to know. I demand to know.

Also, are you aware of the facts surrounding her arrest, are you informed of the timeline of events relating to Maria Ressa’s case? A good and responsible journalist would know first before daring or caring to give their two cents. If so, can you enumerate each fact and, to the best of your knowledge and ability, reconcile them with this conclusion of yours which is so far removed from the reality that is 2019 Philippines?


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