Open letter to critics of extra-judicial killings: Majority of Filipinos now have given the President a license to kill criminals!

An open letter penned by a self-confessed Dutertard addressed to the Yellow supporters lending his voice to the growing disenchantment against the opposition camp.

Rommel Ynion, a Duterte supporter from Iloilo took to Facebook castigating the yellow supporters for their unrelenting attack against Duterte using the issue of extra-judicial killings.

Dear Yellowtards,

Since I think you are all mentally retarded, allow me to help you analyze survey data.

In the latest SWS surveys, President Rodrigo Duterte enjoyed an 86 percent approval rating and at the same time, 52 percent of respondents believed extra judicial killings was a reality.

What does this mean, Yellowtards? Do you have enough IQ to understand these data? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Okay, it means that majority of Filipinos now have given the President a license to kill criminals!

Why? Because even if they know that EJK’s are rampant, they still have given the President an 86 percent approval rating!

These survey data indicate that Filipinos have lost faith in our justice system and that they are now relying on a strong leader to protect them from malefactors of society.

Please do not distort facts, Yellowtards. It is also implied in these surveys that people wont mind if the President will kill you if you continue propagating lies.

May you all rest in peace, Yellowtards.

Your death is near.

Lovingly yours,

Certified Dutertard Rommel Ynion

Netizen Aurora Alerta Lim reacts: “I am not a yellowtard nor a dutertetard… I’m just a retired apolitical Filipino citizen with faith in some genuine Christian leaders to make a better change for our country!”

Netizen Jose Felipe Villanueva quotes the bible to express his thoughts. “Luke 12:2, There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.”

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