Open letter to current NTF-ELCAC: Iparamdam nyo naman sa amin na mga taxpayer yung pangil ninyo. If hindi nyo kaya sabihin nyo agad sa Presidente

ICYMI, former NTF-ELCAC Lorraine Marie Badoy is in hot water for allegedly issuing a threatening statement against a Manila RTC judge after the latter junked the petition filed by the Duterte admin asking the court to declare the CPP NPA terrorist organization.

The brouhaha requires the Supreme Court to step in and threaten anyone who will continue to incite violence against the judges and their families with contempt of court, prompting Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu to write an open letter imploring the current NTF-ELCAC to make a loud statement on the issue.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu opened the brief open letter by giving the current NTF-ELCAC a heads up that supporters of the commies are asking for the abolition of their department and also a judge has ruled against the government petition to declare the said organization “terrorist group”.

Ms. Chu asked the current NTF-ELCAC to make a loud statement, a big noise against the CPP NPA and tge court decision. Issuing statement on FB and memos is not acceptable to her.

Ms. Chu lamented that the former NTF-ELCAC spokesperson who is without security detail and no longer in power is being attacked. Why? Despite being not in power, she continues to speak out against the CPP-NPA because she hates them so much after knowing the crimes committed by the NPA.

Ms. Chu implored to the current NTF-ELCAC to make their presence felt to the taxpayers by showing their fangs. Otherwise, they must inform the President asap that they are scared to make the job of the President easier.

You may now read Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu’s original FB post below.

Dear current NTF ELCAC,

Pinapa abolish ng mga commie supporters ang departamento nyo at ayaw tawagin ng Judge na terrorista ang mga kalaban nyo.

Mag ingay naman kayo ng bongga. Wag naman yung pa statement statement lang sa FB at pa memo memo lang.

Si Lorraine Badoy na walang security at Wala sa kapangyarihan inaatake na. Kasi hindi sya tumitigil dahil galit na galit sya dahil Alam nya at nakita nya the crimes done by the NPA.

IParamdam nyo naman sa amin na mga taxpayer yung pangil ninyo. If Hindi nyo kaya sabihin nyo agad sa Presidente para ma pagaan ang trabaho nya.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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