Open letter to disente people: “If you actually don’t understand us. You are not our voices”

A post hitting the supporters of the Liberal Party who called themselves the ‘disente’ crowd is making the rounds in the social media.

Facebook user named Michael Banigoos Jovellanos vented his frustration towards the critics of Duterte who are standing in the way of Duterte’s campaign to eliminate the country’s drug problem and criminality by bringing up the issue of extra-judicial killings and blaming it on Duterte via a Facebook post.

Michael Banigoos Jovellanos traced his roots to Samar but grew up in the slums in Manila after his parents migrated to the big city.

He said his family lived in various places in Metro Manila, at the epicenter of drugs, thugs and criminals. He lived with a relative in Don Carlos, Pasay (somewhere in Tramo EDSA Rotonda, Don Galo and Baclaran) in high school and college days after his father decided that their place was not ideal to raise a son.

He joined a street gang to avoid getting picked on by street bullies after school.

In short, Michael Banigoos Jovellanos knows where he speaks of and wants to ask the ‘disente’ crowd if they can say the same.

Without further adieu, please read the full text of the viral post to understand his point.

I have mixed emotions about whats going on in this country. Social media made so many people become expert political analysts, such a large number of outspoken trolls who feel like they represent people like me. I never realized until recently how this current president successfully divided friendship, families and relatives over their own beliefs of what is right and wrong in this government based on what and how they see posts, news and events. It also goes to show the difference of lifestyle, faith and education of people. And finally the real true defining colors of so many. Let me tell you this, my opinion represents me.

I was born in Samar, i have a large representation of family in there. Did any of you really ask us Waray’s what we feel about the past administrations action about the Yolanda and the aftermath of it? Who really profited on this devastation?! Did we really get the help we need? Or we were just one perfect excuse to raise funds for some politicians?

My family once lived in Maria Clara, Manila near Dangwa in my first four years. Then we moved to Bagong Silang, Kalookan during my primary, eventually this wide provincial like place next to Bulacan became a relocation site mostly from squatters of Tondo, Manila. Trying to escape the place that became a haven for criminals, my father decided to made me live with relatives in Don Carlos, Pasay (this is around Tramo EDSA Rotonda, Don Galo and Baclaran) to pursue my high-school and college. My life revolve around these environment and shaped me. These places which has been an epicenter of drugs, thugs and criminals. Have you heard of these places? Does anyone of you had any friends who lived in a squatter and slums right at the creek river of sewages? I do. Who amongst you ever been forced to join a teenage street gang just so to prevent being bullied or jumped on everyday or any night after school? I have been. If you never had any experience like this, you don’t have the right to represent me.

Any law abiding citizen of these places knew and felt the changes this president made. Do you know these places? Have you been here long enough to see the life i once and still lived in? Have you ever asked us how we survive the cruelty of life in these streets? How we try and fail not to fell asleep in jeepneys and buses while trying our best to be safe going home late from school or work hoping its another lucky night not to be robbed? Maybe not.
You people haven’t seen what i’ve seen. I’m pretty sure few of you actually experienced the same way as i did.

Check out these places will you please, ask people around what was once going on here, then tell me why do you think how i am wrong in supporting this socialist president you conveniently call a communist murderous psychopath. Sure, i’ll allow you to say i’m a stupid blind supporter and a “tard” but i challenge you to tell this to my face (send me a personal message so i can give you my address). If you’re lucky to be in comforts of your gated villages or subdivisions with paid securities i don’t think you represent me and the voices of my kind of people at all.

I once asked my father, how was Marcos and Martial Law days? He said “if you’re a law abiding person who understand the governments imposition of laws and follow the rules, everything is actually great. You see a lot of improvements and how so many people behave”. And to think these words are from my dad who enjoyed his life partying during those days, i saw proof of a lot of his pictures of adventurism. I envy him actually.

I was a natural born catholic, raised by a strict god fearing family and relatives under a catholic private school and was required to memorize the rosary prayer. Unfortunately as my fascination with history and books i eventually realized that i do not agree with a lot of catholic teachings that i shifted my interest to buddhism and islam. It took me couple of years to embrace a new faith, to learn the life and history of my brothers and sisters in Mindanao, i’m a proud balik-islam. Have you asked them what they actually feel? What these people are fighting for and the struggles to survive with this faith? Have you been in that war torn place? You don’t know us Muslims.

If you actually don’t understand us. You are not our voices. No it is not your fault that you had a better life than us, but we never gave you any right to represent us.

And to you sir Antonio P. Contreras, thank you!

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