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Open Letter to Marcos oppositionists: “The problem we have is we have double standard mentality”

A post lamenting the unforgiving attitude of Filipinos towards the Marcoses while looking past the sins of other notable names in history is making the rounds online.

On a Facebook post, netizen ‎Cedric Vanguard‎ expressed his frustration towards the people who are suffering from the so-called double standard mentality when it comes to the Marcoses.

In the post, Mr. Vanguard, not sure if this is a real family name, cited the Marcos burial at the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ as the perfect example in highlighting the Filipinos double standard mentality.

You may check the full text of the post below to fully appreciate his line of arguments.

I dont get it.

If we cannot allow Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, then why did we allow Emilio Aguinaldo to be a hero if in some historians he did not even qualify to be one?

If we cannot forgive Ferdinand Marcos, then we should not also forgive killers, drug abusers, corrupts, and all enemies of the state. Killing them should not be a problem at all.

If we feel for the families of the victims of Martial Law, then so should we for the families of the recent victims of rape and murder. If that is the case, death penalty is no problem at all.

If we really cannot move on with FM’s mistakes, then why did we allow Erap to serve as the mayor of Manila despite his graft case before when he was the president?

If we dont forgive the MAN who we think did not care about human rights, then we should be unforgiving too to the MEN who stripped their victims’ right to live. Hanging them in public is no problem at all.

If we show mercy to the killers as to give them second chances just as we believe they still have the goodness in them, then so must we see the goodness of the MAN, whom history cannot even deny, contributed much to the country.

The problem we have is we have the double standard mentality. We have hated the Marcoses so much that we were blinded of who the real enemies are today.

If we teach our people how to forgive,
Then tell them that forgiveness is not for few nor for some only, for God never teaches us to forgive only the ones we love, but also our enemies. If PJP forgave the man who shot him, why can’t we do the same?

What say you?

Credits to ‎Cedric Vanguard

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