Open letter to students recruited by NPAs: Hindi romantic mamuhay ng nagtatago sa mga alagad ng batas

An open letter addressed to students who are recruited by NPAs, penned by Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the FB page bearing her name and Ahmed Paglinawan trends on Facebook.

The open letter began with the usual “Dear students na nirerecruit ng NPA:” salutation.

Atty. Trixie reminded the students that the children of their leaders are enjoying the money and the position, attend parties, travel overseas. They are not recruited. She said that in the words Teddy Casino, he gave his children choices on what to do with their lives.

“Yung mga junakis ng mga lider ninyong na nagpapakasasa sa pera at posisyon, pa-attend attend ng mga party, travel-travel lang. Di sila nirerecruit. Ika nga ni Teddy CasiƱo binibigyan nila ng choice ang mga ito.”

Atty. Trixie shared the sad tale of a recruit who complained of r@p&, though she did not apply for the job. She did not know what she was getting into. Not given a choice whether she consented to the act with the NPA commander. She was not given the choice whether she can leave the movement.

“Pero yung ni recruit na nagrereklamong na rape, hindi naman siya talaga nag apply. Di niya alam yung pinapasukan niya. Di siya binigyan ng choice kung gusto niyang makipagtalik sa kung sinong kumander ng NPA. Di siya binigyan ng choice kung maaari ba syang umalis sa kilusan.”

Atty. Trixie remarked that once they go to the mountains to join the NPAs, their lives will be in danger because they are already an enemy of the state. They will literally have salt and cooking oil to go with cooked rice for their meals just to survive. If mosquitoes will not sip all their blood, their dreams to enjoy a life in peace and comfort will go dry and abandon them.

“Pag umakyat kayo sa bundok, peligro na buhay dahil kalaban na ninyo ang estado. Magdidildil pa kayo ng mantika at asin para lang mabuhay. Kung di lamok ang uubos sa dugo ninyo, mga pangarap ninyo para sa maaliwalas at tahimik na buhay ay matutuyo at lilisan.”

Atty. Trixie ended the open letter with a stern warning to students thinking of joining the NPA that a life hiding from the long of the law isn’t romantic.

“Isip isip rin, mga kids. Hindi romantic ang mamuhay ng nagtatago sa mga alagad ng batas.”


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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