Open letter|Lawyer slams Kabataan Partylist Sara Elago lawmaker for ignorance of Philippine Constitutional provision on free education

At the very least, a legislator should read the Philippine Constitution before making public statements that would put him or her in an embarrassing predicament.

In short, a legislator should never be caught being ignorant of the Constitution and worthy of the more than P100,000 a month salary a legislator receives.

Otherwise, that legislator will surely land a spot in lawyer Bruce Rivera’s social media blogpost and the public humiliation that comes with it.

To understand where Rivera was coming from, please read Kabataan Partylist Sara Elago statement on public education being a right and state obligation.

Dear Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago,

You are a legislator and yet, you are ignorant of the 1987 Constitution you so vehemently protect not to change. Let me remind you, Article XIV provides:

SECTION 2. The State shall :

(1) Establish, maintain, and support a complete, adequate, and integrated system of education relevant to the needs of the people and society;

(2) Establish and maintain a system of free public education in the elementary and high school levels. Without limiting the natural right of parents to rear their children, elementary education is compulsory for all children of school age.

So, free public education is only constitutionally guaranteed until high school. So PRD went above and beyond what has been constitutionally mandated. It is too much of you to just be thankful.

As a representative of the youth, you have to agree that it is the duty of parents to educate and support their children. So, if a parent educates and support his or her child, you do not need to thank them because it is their duty?

This feeling of self-entitlement makes me absolutely sick because you are an embodiment of everything that is wrong which a millenial should not emulate. I may not agree with my parents all the time and they may have not given me everything I needed but I have always been thankful to them because it is a hard job.

So is the Presidency. Past presidents have not been able to make a law providing for free tertiary education even your beloved BS Aquino. The least you can do is just be thankful and if you cannot be thankful….

Cong. Elago, you can ungrateful without being obnoxious.

Bruce V. Rivera

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