#OpenLetter: British national slams Amnesty International in reaction to a UN probe it requested to help end possible crimes against humanity under PRRD?

A Pinoy-at-heart British national slammed Amnesty International in an open letter in reaction to a UN probe it requested to help end possible crimes against humanity under PRRD’s war on drugs.

Malcolm Conlan, a Brits married to a Filipina, couldn’t help but demand an explanation from Amnesty International why the sudden interest in probing the kill1ngs as a result of Duterte admin’s war on drugs while turning a blind eye to the kill1ngs that happened in the previous administration.

But first, Conlan asked if the Amnesty International did help or support the Philippines when there were up to 4 million addicts before Duterte became the President.

In addition, Conlan wanted to know the opinion of Amnesty International of the alleged crime against humanity carried out by the previous admin by injecting Dengvaxia vaccine without seeking the permission of parents.

Meanwhile, Conlan wants the UN to take note that the crime across PH has fallen down by half as a result of the Duterte’s war on drugs.

Conlan defended the Duterte admin from criticism, in light of children getting caught in the cross fire and getting killed.

Conlan reasoned that criminals high on meth and armed would rather fight back than getting caught alive.

Conlan acknowledged that government figures show there may be 6,000 reported deaths in the course of Duterte’s war on drugs but said he is sure there are thousands of people may have actually been saved by Duterte’s war on drugs.

You may read Malcom Conlan’s full FB post below.

An Open Letter to Amnesty International and the U.N

Dear Amnesty International

I thought I would write to you, following an article in the Evening Standard today and I am sure mentioned in other media sources that you are calling for a UN investigation to help end ‘Possible Crimes against humanity’ during President Duterte’s crackdown on illegal drugs.

Firstly, did Amnesty international intervene or indeed support the Philippines when there were up to four million Filipinos drug addicts in the Philippines, before President Duterte came to office?

Did the UN investigate the countless murders, rapes, robberies, kidnappings throughout the country recorded during the previous administrations?

How did previous administrations allow the drugs problem in the Philippines to become so huge?

Who sets the ‘threshold of crimes against humanity’ you speak of?

What about the ‘crimes against humanity’ allegedly carried out by the previous administration, by stockpiling millions of doses of a drug (Dengvaxia) which has since been given to 800,000 school age children, without even seeking permission from parents and some 140 or more of these children subsequently dying?

How about addressing the constant fake news of the opposition targeting President Duterte in his highly necessary campaign against illegal drugs?

(Please note at least one million Filipinos have given up their addiction to Shabu and since sought rehabilitation).

Hope the UN will note that crime across the Philippines has fallen by over half due to the efforts of the Duterte administration and this important work.

There are now more jobs, through the Build x 3 projects and President Duterte has his highest ever satisfaction rating of “Very Good” in local surveys across the country. Reduction in poverty, free education, healthcare and many other improvements across the Philippines for the benefit of all Filipinos.

With any war or battle, especially when the criminals or perpetrators of the said battle are high on Crystal Meth or Shabu and frequently armed, there will be casualties and sadly even young children.

Yes, the Government figures show that there have been around 6,000 deaths due to this war, however I am very sure that countless thousands of lives have actually been SAVED through the efforts of the President in addressing this enormous problem.

Before Amnesty and indeed the UN try to comment on and investigate issues they know nothing about, relying on the fake news of the opposition, I would suggest they would have tried living in the Philippines and see what it was like previously to have been under constant fear that either them or their family would be targeted by a crazed drug addict, desperate for his or her next hit.

Thank you for your understanding,

Malcolm Conlan
Concerned British Citizen,

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