#OpenLetter: Manila Bulletin writer lambasts Grace Poe in behalf of traffic-weary Filipinos for holding hostage PRRD’s emergency powers


This one-liner from Manila Bulletin writer and DDS blogger Krizette Laureta Chu essentially summed up the sentiment of the traffic-weary riding public who goes out everyday to commute to work from home and pray that traffic isn’t that bad and arrived on time.

“Please, don’t be a liar,” Chu told Grace Poe to start off the open letter addressed to the senator.

Chu made the statement after she caught Poe telling a lie to MSM about DOTr didn’t pass the requirements, thus absolving the senator from blame the emergency powers bill was not granted. According to Chu, this was not what Poe told MSM three years ago.

Chu accused Poe of doing a Pontius Pilate, washing her hands off, in the wake of the 80% PRRD’s satisfaction rating.

Chu shared a screengrab photos of Grace Poe’s previous and latest statements to the MSM as proof and highlight the senator was lying as fuck.

In addition, Chu also re-posted the exact statements of Poe issued recently and previously regarding the emergency powers bill.

In light of this fact, Chu borrowed GMA News tagline to describe the senator’s brand of politics: “Grabe. Walang paninidigan, walang katotohan, perwisyong totoo lamang.”

According to Chu’s mole, Grace Poe’s routine and her senate staff pore through newspapers and looks at the big issues of the day, and from here she will decide what issue to ride on and get free publicity.

No wonder, Chu lamented, Poe chose the transport sector despite zero knowledge because she knew this is issue closest to the the masses.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

Dear Grace Poe, please don’t be a liar. She said today na hindi daw nagpasa requirements sa kanya ang DOTR thats why she didnt pass emergency powers. Three years ago sabi nya complete na requirements ng DOTR.


After nakita nyang 80 percent ang approval rating ng lolo mong si Rodrigo, biglang hugas kamay siya na kaya daw nya hindi pinasa yung EMERGENCY POWERS dahil hindi daw nag send yung DOTR ng list of things na kailangan under emergency powers.

Sabi ni Grace Poe sa article na ito which was published today:

“We were all for passing the bill last Congress, if not for the failure of the DOTr to submit to us the list of projects that will be covered by the grant of powers,” said Poe. [Link here]

Three years ago, iba sinasabi nya:

“While the DOTr enumerated the list of projects in Metro Manila, Poe noted that it did not provide specific traffic plans for highly urbanized areas like Cebu and Davao.

Now that the DOTr has submitted the list of projects to address the traffic problem, Poe said a technical working group can now start its work on September 8.” [Link here]

Grabe. Walang paninidigan, walang katotohan, perwisyong totoo lamang.

Balita ko lang, chismis lang naman, every morning her and her staff pore through newspapers and looks at the big issues of the day, tapos pipili sya ng pwedeng sakyan.

Kaya pinag dedeskitahan ang Transpo kahit wala namang alam kasi yun yung pinaka closest sa tao.

Napaka chararat.

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