Opinion Column writer to Andrea Brillantes’ “Nasa’n mga utak nyo?” remark: Please. Live up to your surname. Kasing ganda dapat ng brilyante yung puso mo

Andrea Brillantes, a starlet endorser of Leni Robredo, angrily asked on social media where the heck are the brains of the 31M who voted for BBM?

In that regard, Goddes Hope Libiran, former Asec of the DOTr and now working as Opinion Columnist of the Tribune took to Facebook to respond to the rant of the starlet and Leni supporter.

In polite language, Libiran told Brillantes that Filipinos have different reasons in voting. Yes, we have different beliefs, decisions or principles but it does not give us the license to insult others.

Libiran pointed out that kind of attitude why the Kakampinks is losing this election. Why? Because their style of campaigning is to insult the ability and capacity of other Filipino voters just because of differences in choosing a leader.

Libiran advised Billantes to live up to her surname. Her heart should have been as brilliant like diamond and shines in brilliant white. Not black as charcoal.

Libiran’s FB post generated 11,000+ reactions, 3,100 comments and 864 shares in just 8 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments from netizens below.

One netizen wrote to agree with Libiran’s statement that insulting the intelligence of Pinoys is one of the reasons why their presidential bet lost.

To which a second netizen replied:

Truth. They always belittle others. Yayabang Ng mga kakampinks na yan

A third praised Asec. Libiran for pointing out the truth to Andrea.

Very well Said Asec. Brilliante lang ang surname ng batang to pero Ugaling Imburnal.Wla kang future Napaka Hambog

Seriously, that is the main reason why your bet loses, you despise and underrated all the registered voters, hence, you lost.

A fourth was more understanding to Andrea because she is still young, hence the mindset.

She’s still young and maybe oblivious on what’s she’s fighting for…. Someone needs to educate her so that in a years to come hopefully she’ll realize that she is wrong ….

You may now read Goddes Hope Libiran’s FB post below.

Ma’am, lahat ng tao, may kanya-kanyang rason sa pagboto. Iba’t-iba man tayo ng paniniwala, desisyon o paninindigan, hindi ‘yan lisensya para manghamak ka ng iba.

‘Yan ang isa sa mga rason kaya kayo natalo. Hinahamak ninyo ang kakayahan at kapasidad ng ibang mga botanteng Pilipino, dahil lang hindi kayo parehas ng boto.

Please. Live up to your surname. Kasing ganda dapat ng brilyante yung puso mo— at hindi kasing puti kinang ng puso mo. Hindi uling. ❤️💚🇵🇭


Her tweet: “Seriously people??? Nasan nga utak niyo??? Minsan mapapa-WTF ka na lang talaga. Wala na akong pake sa ‘respect my decision’ eme na ‘yan! Sorry, pero nakaka-disappoint kayo! Hindi na tayo natuto!”


Source: Goddes Hope Libiran

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