Oplan Tokhang has been suspended. But three members of Pasig Police disobeyed ‘Bato’s’ order. Watch!

Oplan Tokhang is a PNP project introduced by PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa; literally means to approach and talk to known drug pushers to stop their trade.

The PNP Chief decided to suspend it temporarily after the Jee Ick Joo kidnapping and murder involving policemen became a big issue.

However, a viral video of an alleged ‘tokhang’ incident involving three Pasig policemen has been making the rounds online.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 518,000 views, 10,189 shares, 4,186 reactions and 2,513 comments.

A netizen named Jane Arcenal took to Facebook asking netizens to share her video.

According to Jane, three men in motorcycles arrived at their residence at exactly 3PM looking for his father.

The men talked to her mother and asked the whereabouts of his father narrated Jane.

Jane smelled something was fishy because of the following reasons: the men did not even bother to reveal their identity, not in uniform if indeed they are policemen, 2. Failed to show a warrant (search or arrest) 3. refuse to reveal their business with her father. 5. Worse, they accused their mother of hiding him.

Jane believed that these men wants kidnap her father.

Jane said that one of the three men, from out of nowhere threatened to search their house.

In the video, you can see that Jane’s family successfully foiled the evil plan of the suspicious men by refusing to get intimidated by the suspicious men.

The 78-second video ended immediately after the men in motorcyle left in a hurry.

According to Jane, one of her neighbors claimed that the three men are policemen assigned in KENNETH PASIG.

Jane ended her post by calling out the Pasig Mayor to investigate the incident involving allegedly members of Pasig City police. Likewise, she called PNP Chief Bato to look into the matter.

Pashare po, may gusto pong tumukhang sa papa ko.. tapos may nakakilala po kapit bahay po namin na 3ng pulis po yun na nkadistino sa KENNETH PASIG.. At exactly 3pm. may 3ng lalake ang nagpunta sa bahay namen, kinausap c mama. Hinahanap c papa. Ni hindi man lang nagpakilala at hindi nka uniform at ayw ibigy kun anu un pakay nila at nagbintang pa na tinatago lan dw c papa. Gusto pong kindnapin c papa. Ni wla nmn pong pnakitang warrant.. Basta hinahnap lan nla c papa.. Tpoz ung isang lalake na pulis dw bglang ngsabi na " gusto nio halughugin namen yung bahay nio" wla nmn pong search warrant n pnapakta.. ayw dng mgbgay ng any info.. Nananawagan po ako s Mayor ng PASIG. Na siyasatin ang mga pulis nila. Ganyan ang klase ng pulis ang meron kayo?! Mr. PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa. Please Help us. TBTGod!

Posted by Jane Arcenal on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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