Orion Perez: “Why are the Monsods so stupid? Why can’t they understand how Federalism works?”

A post lambasting the Monsod couple for shooting down the Constitutional Reform of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post published by Orion Perez, an IT Pro and Reform Activist, he wondered if the Monsod couple is “stupid” for spreading lies and falsehoods about the Constitutional Reform that the presumptive President has been championing even before he hit the election campaign trail.

In the post, Mr. Orion Perez demolished the lies and propagandas of the Monsod couple one by one, in a clear and succinct manner that any layman could understand by using the analogy of a son who is given the freedom to stand on its own by his parents.

Please read the FULL text below for details.

The MONSOD couple – Christian and Winnie Monsod – are getting pretty active in trying to spread lies and falsehoods about the Constitutional Reforma that Duterte is planning to implement.

Winnie Monsod recently took potshots at Federalism and the Parliamentary System, while Christian Monsod said that “Federalism empowers warlords and dynasties.”

Man, that Monsod couple is full of sh!t!!!

Firstly, Federalism doesn’t empower warlords and dynasties, YOU IDIOTS!

It’s FEUDALISM that does that!!!

Just because Federalism and Feudalism both start with an FE and end with “-ALISM” doesn’t mean they’re the same!!

Are you dyslexic or something?

Worse, Feudalism which causes Warlords and Dynasties is not caused by anything political per se… The root causes of Feudalism are ECONOMIC!

If you have a non-inclusive extractive economy where the economic system favors only a few people and their families and excludes everyone else, thus making it difficult for ordinary hardworking people to move up the socio-economic ladder, then you end up with Feudalism: you end up with warlords and dynasties.

Federalism on the other hand, forces the leaders of regions to either sink or swim!

In exchange for empowering regions to make their own economic policies and to be able to attract investors on their own without needing extra layers of approvals at the national level and allowing the region to keep most of its tax revenue, the national government no longer has to subsidize its operational costs. Instead, the region has to fund itself.

Politicians will no longer be able to rely on PDAF because the PDAF will be abolished since there will no longer be “redistribution” and instead, Federalism will force the regions to stand on their own.

It’s the typical scenario of what happens when a young adult who yearns for independence from his parents is now told:

“Go ahead, Son, you’re an adult now, you’re on your own. You can do whatever you want but you now have to work for a living, no more allowance from us, and you’ll either pay us rent or you leave the house and live on your own.

Now if push comes to shove, you can still ask us for help – you are still our son and we love you, but we won’t give you money, we’ll only LEND you money, and if you come living with us again because you got into money problems, you will follow our house rules…”

So… Given that obvious analogy, how come the Monsods don’t understand that this is what Federalism does?
Why are the Monsods so stupid?

Why can’t they understand how Federalism works?

All these idiots can do is to cast Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt through their lies and misinformation.


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