Our greatest enemy against Duterte is time — Netizen blogger and pro-Duterte supporter

Facebook blogger Noel Landero Sarifa declared that the greatest enemy against Duterte is time.

In the next few minutes or so, Sarifa explains why he said so, that time is Duterte’s greatest enemy.

Sarifa wrote that President Duterte is already 74 years old and will step down in office in 2 years time or so. And he wants to leave a lasting legacy before he retires into the sunset of his life. “He is 74 years old, President Duterte, is already in the twilight of his life, so he wants to leave a legacy of having done something to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs for the sake of our children.”

But that isn’t easy said Sarifa because the President needs to do a lot of moving or lifting to realize his dream – rid the country of illegal dr*gs. Notwithstanding, that he is battling Giants to see it that he leave his post and the country in a good place. “Our President is moving mountains to put our country on the right path towards a better Philippines. He is battling with Giants to make sure before he leaves from his post we will be free from clutches of evil. Making sure that our children will have a good future and a country they can be proud of. A country whose citizens don’t have to seek work overseas as we have greener pasture in our homeland. A country that is safe to live with, a country where we can live a life not live to work.”

Sarifa sounded alarmed that Duterte is running out of time and the uncertainty that his successor isn’t the same stuff as Duterte. He is calling Filipinos to rally behind the President and support his remaining years as President. “We don’t have much time, TIME is our biggest enemy, his term is ending soon if we do not help and support our president when will we have a chance again to have a leader who is willing to die for his countrymen? Who is not afraid to face and summon the oligarch, drug lords, narco-politicians, media, and the church? Who is tough enough to stand up against a foreign entity who wanted to control us, who abuse us.”

Sarifa described only one kind of leader the Philippines need. “We do not need a wise leader, an economist, or a lawyer but we need the likes of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, but I don’t think we will have another one like him.”

Sarida ended the FB post with the message to the Filipinos. “If I were you, I will make the most out of it, since we still can.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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