Outgoing PRRD as Marcos admin’s drug czar? Netizens react to the idea broached by President-elect BBM during press conference

According to the FB post of former Asec of the DOTr, Goddes Hope Libiran, President-elect BBM is open to the idea of appointing outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte as Drug Czar of the Marcos administration.

President-elect BBM made the revelation during the press con yesterday with representatives from Net25, SMNI News and GMA7 that PRRD specifically asked him to continue the anti-drug war campaign “to save the youth”.

“Our youth will be miserable, their lives would be ruined, if you will discontinue it. ”

Here’s the video from Net25 which was uploaded on their Tiktok account.

@net25news #PBBM, BUKAS GAWING “DRUG CZAR” SI #PRRD #NET25 #NET25News #newsph #newstok #tiktokph #tiktoknews #fyp #AlexSantos ♬ original sound – NET25News

Here’s how netizens react to idea of outgoing President Duterte as President-elect BBM’s anti-drug war czar.

One netizen wrote that the position perfectly fits President Rodrigo Duterte because he started it anyway. It is a very fitting job for Pres. Duterte as drug czar because during his presidency we all witness his staunch campaign against drug dealers and drug users.

A second commenter wrote that PRRD as drug czar and senior adviser is a nice combo.

Nice combo! A drug czar and advisor as well. 🙂 Duterte being a friend to Marcos and father of the VP can fit in any cabinet position comfortably and confidently.

A third urged PRRD to accept the offer to make our progress faster if the menace of illegal drugs are eliminated.

Tatay tanggapin nyo napo para mas mapadali Ang pag angat natin pag Wala na Ang salot na droga

Meanwhile, some netizens are lukewarm to the idea and want to give PRRD the time to rest and enjoy his retirement with family.

I’d like that but only if PRRD wants it, I think he deserves the rest a day more time with his family.

This netizen wants PRRD to have a vacation after working hard for 6 years and then, he can accept the post.

PRRD needs a vacation first after being so exhausted with pandemic and his war on drugs.


Source: Goddes Hope Libiran

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