Outgoing VP Leni Robredo’s message to VP-elect Sara Duterte has been met with raise eyebrows from fellow Bicolano, netizens. Read why!

Outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo statement saying she hopes her successor Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio will be continuing the projects she started has been met with raised eyebrows from the supporters of President Duterte and Marcos supporters, including fellow Bicolano vlogger Edwin Jamora.

In a Facebook post, Jamora opened by asking for clarification what programs Leni Robredo was talking about she wants Inday Sara to continue?

Jamora elaborated his question by asking more specific questions for Robredo to understand easily and of course, to avoid misunderstanding.

Does she want Inday Sara to be Leni 2.0? He asked his followers to imagine Sara being Leni 2.0?

For example, Inday Sara becoming anti-BBM, going down grassroots level to distribute anemic spaghetti, kropek, porridge and black olives?

Including Inday Sara rendering a salute to the flag during a heavy downpour?

Jamora slammed Leni Robredo for being ambitious whom he described as a presidential loser.

Let us read the comments of netizens to see how they react.

One netizen accused Robredo of copying the DOH program because she was just after the publicity.

Nakakatawa nga eh. Yung mga ginagawa niya duplicate ng ginagawa ng DOH. Anak ng…gusto lang talaga lagi siya bida! 😅

Just like Jamora, netizens are apparently unaware of the programs started by Leni Robredo as Vice President.

Which is none. Kaya gagawa talaga ng bago si ISD parang BBB ni Digong kasi walang silbi si panotay…

may programa pala siya? asked another netizen.

Sure but what program? I don’t remember any? another netizen

You may now read Edwin Jamora’s tirade against outgoing VP Leni Robredo below.

Mag-Leni 2.0 daw si Inday Sara! Can you imagine that?
Si Sara becoming anti-BBM, bababa sa baba para mamumudmod ng anemic spaghetti, kropek, lugaw, at black olives!
At sumasaludo sa Flag Ceremony habang umuulan!
Ambisyosang itong iyong iyong iyong outgoing na Presidential loser na ‘to!
Wag mo ngang pinagiinit ang Reyna!


Source: Edwin Jamora

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