“Overqualified my ar§e” — Lady doc on FB thread claiming Yorme Isko Moreno “overqualified” to become president due to Harvard/Oxford certs

“Overqualified my ar§e.” This is the reaction of Dr. Ethel Pineda to the Facebook post making the rounds on social media saying to the effect that Mayor Isko Moreno is over-qualified to become the next President of the Philippines.

Overqualified because the OP said that Yorme Isko Moreno boasts of excellent academic credentials and more impressive are his programs and services in the city of Manila as local executive.

For sure the OP remarked that Yorme Isko Moreno will not decline the public clamor to run for President if he see it in his own eyes that his supporters can deliver 20M likes to the FB thread, a sign that he has a strong chance to win should he run for President.

Moving forward, Doc Pineda commented that “a few weeks of attendance does not an expert make.”

Doc Pineda went on to raise some probing questions to convince her that indeed Yorme Isko Moreno’s academic credentials as OP’s claimed that makes him over-qualified over other president aspirants.

“How long are those overseas programs? Was there post-course evaluation or just attendance? Nag-attend nga, may natutunan ba?”

“Nag-attend, natapos ba at nag-graduate?”

As of this writing. Doc Pineda’s FB post has generated 2,500+ reactions, 322 comments and 152 shares in less than 24 hours and counting.

Netizens, like Doc Pineda received the “over-qualified” claim from Yorme Isko supporters with raised eyebrows and even jeers.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu wasted no time in bursting the bubble of the OP. “Harvard University Program – 1 week. Oxford University program – 6 days.

Doc Pineda can’t help herself from replying to Krizette Chu’s comment. “Yung tipong mas matagal pa mag shopping kaysa mag attend sa class.”

Krizette Chu came back to poke fun at Yorme Isko’s academic credentials: “All together mas mahaba yung Manny Pacquiao UMAK course of 3 months”

Another netizen named Jefry Tupas, if you are true supporter of Sara Duterte, this dude is familiar to you, found it incredulous that IVLP was lumped under Yorme Isko’s College credentials. “Kasali talaga ang IVLP? I don’t know about his program — but to put it under College? Maybe the program was for undergrads. But yes, it’s a program. It’s not a degree. I participated in another IVLP program. While it’s a good program, and anyone invited should be proud of it, I wonder why he included it under “College”. Oh well, I do not really wonder. PSIVLP programs are mostly short term programs. Mine was 3 weeks.”

Meanwhile, one netizen threw a shade at the overqualified stunt. “NOBODY is overqualified for the Presidency, EVER! 🙄 that “over-qualified” claim alone speaks volumes of their pompous arrogance+ignorance+conceit, lethal combination those. 😝🙈 i don’t think anybody had or has EVER claimed to be “over-qualified” for the top position of a country in the history of the world. hit 20 million LIKES? go buy a troll farm/army! 😜


Source: Ethel Pineda

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