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P2,700 for athletes pair of socks? Check out TP’s summary of Mon Tulfo’s expose vs. Alan Peter Cayetano re P1B SEA Games scandal

Alan Peter Cayetano is poised to assume as the next Speaker of the House as per PRRD’s endorsement.

However, a huge scandal is threatening to derail Alan Peter Cayetano’s bid as the next Speaker of the House.

According to Mon Tulfo’s expose, Cayetano purchased a pair of socks for the SEA Games athlete for P2,700?

Well, that P2,700 pair of socks is part of the P1B SEA Games scandal that could make or break Cayetano’s House Speakership bid.

TP aka Thinking Pinoy will explain to us in an easy-to-follow bullet format about the SEA Games corruption issue.

You may check TP’s full FB post below.


Let me explain it in an easy-to-follow bullet format.

1. Mon Tulfo in his Manila Times column hinted at Taguig Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano’s alleged corruption in relation to the preparations for the 2019 Sea Games to be held in November.

2. Preparations for the event are handled by the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (Phisgoc) headed by Cayetano.

3. The salient points on Tulfo’s column are as follows:

(a) That Phisgoc created the private nonprofit Phisgoc Foundation, which allegedly collected close to a billion pesos from private entities and P200 million from the GOCC PAGCOR. Cayetano also chairs the said foundation.

(b) Phisgoc Foundation allegedly negotiated the purchase of grossly overpriced athletic apparel, including 2700-peso socks that a Daily Tribune report corroborated.

(c) Tulfo said Cayetano’s defense is “they’re all Olympic quality”.

(d) Tulfo alleged that while the P6 billion SEA Games fund funneled to the Philippine Sports Commission remains intact, there’s no accounting for the one billion or so in private donations made to Phisgoc Foundation.

(e) Tulfo claimed that Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, allegedly without President Duterte’s knowledge, issued Memorandum Circular #56 directing various government agencies and GOCCs to support Phisgoc Foundation.

4. ThinkingPinoy spoke to one of the SEA Games organizers whose name shall not be disclosed for lack of official authority to comment on the matter and he/she said:

On (a): That Phisgoc Foundation was precisely created to enable the SEA Games organizers to utilize privately sourced funding to augment the meager public funding for the SEA Games.

The source said this is a fiscal necessity as the PSC and Phisgoc can’t accept private funding and the Phisgoc Foundation can’t accept government funds.

The 200 million from PAGCOR, the source says, is above board as the GOCC is allowed to sponsor sporting events like these.

On (b): The source said s/he has no knowledge of the matter so I will still have to ask other sources for comment.

On (c): Same as the comment on (b).

On (d): The source said Memorandum Circular #56 does not direct government entities to provide funds to Phisgoc Foundation. The source also said I can in the spirit of accountability ask Phisgoc Foundation, a nonprofit company, to disclose its dealings via a formal request.

On (e): Same as on (b).

5. Given these, we still need answers for the following issues:

(a) the allegedly grossly overpriced athletic apparel

(b) a more substantial and more relevant defense from Cayetano regarding the previous point, as the “Olympic Quality” defense Tulfo cited simply won’t fly

(c) On whether ES Medialdea usurped the President’s powers when he issued the assailed Memorandum Circular #56

I still have to contact more sources to clarify the issue so this writeup is still very preliminary.

If you read comments of some netizens on the P1B scandal surrounding the SEA GAMES to be hosted by the Philippines, it appears public opinion is not in favor of Cayetano as the next Speaker of the House.

Ted Lopez Dela Cruz We can still give him the benefit of the doubt but based on known facts… and following my gut feel, he is not fit to be the speaker of the house. He is power hungry and cannot be trusted.

Jeffrey Reyes We are waiting for the explanation of Cong AP Cayetano.
If the Gorssly over price “Olympic Quality” materials is True.
He must be held accountable.

Robert Sison Our athletes will be turbo propelled when they use the 2,700 Olympic Quality socks thus all of them will win the coveted gold, silver and bronze medals. No need to train then!

Meanwhile, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took a swipe at Alan Cayetano in his FB status update recently.

Meanwhile, Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano has already dismissed the corruption allegation as false. [Link here]

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Credits to Mon Tulfo

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