Paano kami maniniwala sa iyo niyan? — Netizen to Leni Robredo who promise to continue Duterte’s Build Build Build

A netizen using the name Tom Berenguer on Facebook is not convinced Leni Robredo will continue Duterte admin’s Build Build Build projects despite public assurance she will do so.

Berenguer, a lawyer by profession and a staunch Duterte supporter was actually reacting to Robredo’s reply to one of the questions during last night’s COMELEC-sponsored Presidential debate.

Berenguer reminded Robredo what happened when her allies was in power? He cited the MRT as one in the long list of LP’s (allies of Robredo) mismanagement.

In addition, Berenguer also cited LRT as another classic example of the LP’s failure to deliver their promises why the likes of him have doubts now when politicians like Robredo makes election promises and when they win the election, they can’t deliver.

Meanwhile, in the comment section of Berenguer’s FB thread, netizens are making comments on Leni Robredo’s preference of PPP over ODA (Overseas Development Assistance).

Netizen #1 commented that Leni wants PPP because it’s pay back time for her election campaign financiers.

Mga Fund raisers and financier din ni lugaw Ang ipapasok Niya sa PPP. Wala parin pagbabago Corrupt parin

Netizen #2 also echoed the sentiment of the above commenter.

Gaga! Di mo alam kung ano ang ODA..tsaka, gusto mo ulit kumita mga kaalyado mo … gusto mo ulit kurakot fiesta!

Netizen #3 also thinks Robredo prefers PPP because she wants to pay back her campaign contributors – the Oligarchs.

Sinabi mo lang yan..Pero ang totoo. Hindi ikaw ang masusunod , kundi yung mga oligarko na nag ambag ambag o namumuhunan sa kandidatora mo. Parang Korikong ka din lang.

You may now read Tom Berenguer’s original FB post.

Ang problema dyan, di kapani paniwala pinagsasabi mo.

Nung mga kaalyado mo nakaupo ano ginawa nila? Yung MRT na maayos ang takbo sinira nila.

Yung LRT extension papuntang Cavite, sabi ng idol mo magpapasagasa daw siya sa tren pag di natapos sa termino niya. Natapos termino niya 2016 di natapos yung extension, at di man lang siya nagpasagasa sa tren.

Paano kami maniniwala sa iyo niyan?

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Source: Tom Berenguer

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