PACC tells Leni Robredo camp to stop soliciting donations for Mindanao quake victims, raises ethical and legal issues re solicitation of donations

Some netizens are getting impatient and have started calling out Leni Robredo on social media since they noticed that the OVP appears to be oblivious of the sufferings of the quake victims by not sending relief goods or having her presence felt in Mindanao.

But this is not entirely true that the Leni Robredo camp has not send any help to the quake victims in Mindanao.

The Angat Buhay program of the OVP has been conducting relief operations to the quake victims in a limited capacity. Understandably so because of budget constraints.

That is why the OVP has not closed its doors to donations from private citizens and their corporate partners of the Angat Buhay program.

Not helping Leni Robredo’s cause was the photo below of a multi-cab spotted in Makilala, N. Cotabato bringing relief goods to the quake victims hanged a huge tarp announcing that the relief goods came from her while carrying only few relief goods which some netizens say, are good enough to feed 10 families.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Anti- Corruption Commission or PACC for short has put its foot down, figuratively speaking, on the solicitation of donation campaign of the Office of the Vice President intended for the Mindanao quake victims.

In a Radyo Inquirer news report, PACC (Presidential Anti Corruption Commission) Spokesman and Commissioner Manuelito Luna said that the OVP’s solicitation campaign would create ethical and legal issues versus the Vice President.

In addition, this would result in duplication of jobs and functions of government agencies like the DSWD, LGUs and PH red Cross who are taking the lead in giving relief operations in the quake-ravaged areas in Mindanao.

Luna also added that there is already government funds for the victims of natural calamities hence there is no need for the OVP to solicit donations from the private sectors.

The PACC asked Vice President to halt the solicitation of donations for the quake victims in Mindanao. Let me reiterate, the PACC asked Robredo to stop, not tweak the solicitation of donations.

Otherwise, the PACC will ask the Ombudsman to investigate the OVP.

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Source: Radyo Inquirer

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