Pacquiao suddenly finds himself lost and unwanted, with no momentum in his campaign — Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu

Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer Krizette Laureta Chu shared her two cents worth regarding two minor political developments that just hit the Pacquiao camp – the shifting of support of Pacquiao’s biggest volunteer group to Isko Moreno and Robredo camp shutting the door of Robredo-Pacquiao alliance.

Chu remarked that in light of these developments, Pacquiao suddenly found himself lost and unwanted and worse, no momentum in his campaign. Chu blamed Koko Pimentel for ruining a politician who could have done more by putting ideas in Pacquiao’s head.

Chu commented that at this juncture, Pacquiao is simply throwing his money away. Chu remarked that Pacquiao is one of the long list of people whose lives and careers implode by going against Duterte.

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 7,000 reactions, 390 comments and 151 shares in just 8 hours and still counting.

Looking at the reactions of netizens who’ve stumbled upon the FB post, it appears majority of netizens agree with Krizette Chu’s take on the direction of Pacquiao’s political career.

This is very true. Pacquiao could have had the presidency handed to him on a platter had he not betrayed Duterte. But he listened to bad advice from avaricious friends who thought his name would win the position for him. I don’t know why people still underestimate the Duterte magic. Their loss. Literally. Figuratively.

That’s the biggest mistake he made in his life… Ang kalabanin si PRRD dahil para na din nyang kinalaban ang lahat ng sumusuporta at nagmamahal sa Pangulo. Wrong Move Mr. Senator! At Touched Move ka pa. Mate ka tuloy……

I Feel sorry for Manny, he fell to the trap of toxic politics..He will end up dead broke after this election . All the things he had worked so hard will be gone like a bubble.

Kasalanan din ni PacQ yan. He’s a willing victim. Nagpapagamit.. for what? He’s aiming to be the saving grace for ABSCBN, ayan nakarma! Buti nga!

Never too late. Pacquiao and Duterte’s friendship goes way back . Duterte, as we all know, have seen his little learning, ambition and gullibility made him too obnoxious. On which he understand . Pacquiao, first needs to admit his shortcomings and come clean with the PRESIDENT. Maybe ASK for his forgiveness! We all know Duterte has a good and very forgiving heart . I’ll say he’ll forgive him . ❤️He was just strayed!

He should have listen to president DU30 nah “mag-aral muna…” goodluck to his shattered political career…

You may now read Krizette Chu’s FB post.

Pacquiao’s biggest volunteer group shifted two days ago to Isko. They will no longer support Pacquiao.

Today, the Leni camp denied that they will get Pacquiao to tandem with her, even if he may give them some Mindanao votes.

Pacquiao suddenly finds himself lost and unwanted, with no momentum in his campaign. Koko Pimentel ruined a politician who could’ve done more by putting ideas in his head.

Pacquiao is at this point just throwing money away. I guess he is just one in the long line of people whose lives and careers implode when they go against Duterte.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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