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The way I see it, Senator Manny Pacquiao’s political woes started when he turned his back from his friend and ally President Duterte by attacking the administration’s handling of the Spratly issue and indirectly taking a swipe at the slow rollout of the covid vaccination program of the government with his letter to President Biden asking to expedite the delivery of the American vaccines purchased by the PH government.

Pacquaio was criticized on social media but not as heavily like lately and accused of politicking because he has his sights on the 2022 presidential election, which he denied.

The issue seemed to have died down when Pacquiao retreated. However, Pacquiao staged a another another attack, this time, Pacquiao was more blunt, calling the Duterte administration twice or thrice more corrupt than the previous administration.

This angered the Duterte supporters. In retaliation, the supporters of President Duterte started digging whatever skeletons they can find in Pacquiao’s closets and voila, his college degree was discovered by the Duterte supporters to be highly questionable. After that, Pacquiao’s presidential aspiration seems to disintegrate even before it can even take off.

RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy perfectly described Pacquiao’s situation in one or two sentences in a Facebook post, which many netizens also agree if judging by the 30,000 reactions it generated in less than 24 hours and counting.

Pacquiao: tinapos ang Political Science, then tinapos ang Political Career.

Mahusay, mahusay!

Here are some of the comments of netizens to Thinking Pinoy’s apt description of Manny Pacquiao life as a student and politician.

“kaya pala 3mos polsci dahil 3mos lang din natapos ambisyon nyang magPresidente,😬 commented a netizen.

To which another netizen replied: “In fairness, mas mabilis natapos political career nya vs. studies..”

“Crash course kasi, biruin mo 3months lng tinapos… Nag crash tuloy political career nya.. 😁😁😁 joked another netizen.

“Kung gaano nya kabilis tapusin ang degree nya na pol sci ganun din nya kabilis tapusin ang kanyang political carrer. Dapat talaga boxing na lang sya baka mas humaba pa ang career nya,” agreed another netizen.

“That’s what happens when you get the degree without doing the work. Walang natutunan,” remarked another.

Of course, Manny Pacquiao has supporters who will stick by him through thick and thin.

“Si manny hindi magsasalita kung walang alam sa mga nangyayari, di tulad ng iba na puro paninira. Hindi ako supporter ni manny.Bilog ang mundo, kaya huwag maliitin si manny,” said this netizen.

“marami rin natulungan yan!!!At hindi nagnakaw yan, di tulad ng iba yumaman dahil sa politika, ang kasikatan ng isang tao lumilipas din yan!!” added another netizen.


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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