PAGCOR official hints shutdown of major TV network, FB post draws support from netizens, goes viral

A Facebook post hinting the shutdown of a major TV network appears to be gaining acceptance among Facebook netizens, goes viral.

In fact, the FB post has generated 21K plus reactions and 6K plus shares just 16 hours after it was published on Facebook.

PAGCOR official Jimmy Bondoc took to Facebook expressing his excitement at the thought that the biggest TV network is closing down.

In case you don’t know, ABS-CBN is scheduled to renew its franchise in 2020.

PRRD’s past pronouncements and the composition of both Houses of Congress wherein majority are pro-administration isn’t helping ABS-CBN’s cause either.

Jimmy Bondoc’s FB post may proved prophetic after all!

You may read Jimmy Bondoc’s full FB post now.

I am so excited to see the biggest tv network close down. This company is a snake pit, where success is based on politics and sexual favors. NOBODY dares to talk about it because they either benefit from it, or they would rather not have them as enemies.

Read before you judge me.

ART and CULTURE have been ruined by this network. Our moral fiber as a nation, too. Wide-eyed kids seek dreams and fall in line, not knowing the hell that their lives will be plunged into.

They have contests where the winners have been pre-determined, or are manipulated to suit the whims of the hidden bosses.

Their news is for sale, highest bidder gets the slant. And foreign groups are usually the victors.

I AM EAGERLY AWAITING YOUR DEMISE. I know how this sounds. And I know the nasty comments which are bound to come. I don’t care. If you think COMELEC is bad, wait until you see the real machinery that is known as “the biggest network.”

This is not schadenfraude. This is hope! This is for real change. You have COUNTLESS VICTIMS, from sexual harassment to plain and simple bullying.

I am so happy that your time has come.

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Source: Jimmy Bondoc

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