Paging the Catholic Church. What can you say about this lewd ‘Liberal Party’ rally?

In Philippine election, it is a common practice for politicians to sing and dance during political rallies to entertain the crowd. Oftentimes, this is not enough to keep the crowd wide awake. Hence the need to hire professional entertainers like a popular artist to provide the best entertainment.

Liberal Party lewd rally

Lewd LP rally again?

Some people say this is wrong because the voters are denied of the rare opportunity to get to know the political platforms of the candidates. This is especially true for voters living in remote areas and politicians will only visit their place during the election campaign period.

Remember, there are still many people that lack access to the mainstream media much more access to the social media to listen to the candidates in a serious mood to talk about their respective political platforms. So when the politicians left their humble town, some voters will give their vote to the candidate or candidates that give them the most fun during the election campaign period. Sad but true!

If this is a reality in Philippine politics and we can’t do away with it, the question now is: “How much is too much before the voters will say this is enough?”

Confused? Let me explain. Celebrities gracing at political rallies are expected to do their thing, that is to sing and dance to keep the crowd from leaving. But what if the celebrity is doing more than what she is asked? For example, the celeb guest sings and dances with sexually suggestive choreography?

Remember that in a political rally, expect the Moms and Dads to bring the entire family to the town plaza because after all, a political rally is just another form of free entertainment to the poor. Yeah, I know some readers here would be commenting that it is a common knowledge that sex-themed form of entertainment is a reality in Philippine politics so it’s the poor man’s fault why he allow his kids to come with him.

The dilemma here is: “Who’s at fault here”? The politician who is obviously more educated or the poor man who brings his kids to the politician’s rally loaded with sex jokes and lewd dancing?

Tuwad na daan nanaman! LIBERAL party Political Rally. #yellow#juicecolored#tuwadnadaanWATCH MORE: ➡ VIRAL PH

Posted by VIRAL PH on Saturday, December 26, 2015

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