“Paka ironic naman na yung sinira niya, ay siya rin ang magligpit.” — Lawyer’s reaction after Robredo hints Oplan Tokhang retooling. Read why!

Paka ironic naman na yung sinira niya, ay siya rin ang magligpit.

The line above essentially summarized the sentiment of lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles in response to what Leni Robredo just told to reporters, including Manila Bulletin, that she wants a retooling of ‘Oplan Tokhang’ in order to erase the negative perception that the main anti-illegal dr*gs strategy of the PNP has been all about kill!ng of dr*g suspects, particularly the poor ones.

In a Facebook post, lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, the other half of the Facebook page “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan”, wherein the staunch Duterte supporter complained about the hypocrisy of the Opposition, particularly the newly-appointed co-chairperson of ICAD VP Leni Robredo.

Angeles wrote that sometimes it’s hard to swallow the hypocrisies of some government officials like Madame (alluding Robredo). She was very instrumental in spreading the wrong perception about Tokhang, going so far as to make a video, grinning as she talked about ‘palit-ulo and extrajudicial k*ll*ngs.’

They were spreading lies. She and her party mates.

Angeles said it is ironic that the very people who tried to destroy its image, they are now trying to clean up their mess.

Minsan ang hirap rin lunukin ngpagkaipokrita ng mga opisyales tulad ni Madame. Laking tulong niya nuon na palaganapin ang maling perception sa Tokhang, going do far as to make a video, smiling widely as she talked about palit ulo and extrajudicial killings.

Sila ang nanira. She and her party mates and others.

Paka ironic naman na yung sinira niya, ay siya rin ang magligpit. Inanto.

Angeles’ FB post has definitely hit a nerve among netizens, eliciting negative comments versus the Vice President.

On netizen commented: “I really hate to do this… But this woman is a representation, a PERFECT representation of a pathetic, stupid, idiot official of this government. She can ba a PERFECT endorser of plastic products like tupperware, orocan, zooey among others. She is mostly TALK, an empty noisy can, a woman of no brain at all. And she calls herself a vice president? Tbe second highest ranking official of this country??? Pathetic delusional stupid woman.”

Another netizen commented that appointing Robredo as co-chairperson of ICAD was correct since she was the biggest contributor in spreading the wrong perception about Tokhang.

“Tama lang ang pag lalagay sa kanya bilang co- leader at drug czar dahil siya ang great contributor ng maling perception sa tokhang. Ligpitin nya ang kalat niya.”

Another commenter said that it was Robredo who had the perception that Tokhang was bad and now she’s trying to change it. She asked if this is child’s play?

“madam ikaw man ang may perception na masama ang tokhng. now pilit mo waiin. ano to laro…”

Menawhile, this netizen thinks Leni’s appointment by PRRD was stroke of genius. Because after Robredo tried to destroy it, she’s now cleaning up the mess she created.

“On this one, panalo na naman c PRRD. Ang sinira ni BP (UN message about EJK’s and palitULO). Siya ngayon maglilinis! Ironic😂😂😂”

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