Palitan lang sila ni Manny ng patangahan levels — Manila Bulletin writer on Leni Robredo urging PH gov’t to declare “education crisis”

Krizette Chu, Manila Bulletin writer and admin of the FB page KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair can’t help but quip that Leni Robredo and Manny Pacquiao are swapping places who between them is “t@ng@”. She lamented the World Bank already said sorry for the mistake and yet here we are, Leni can’t still get over with the WB report saying “more than 80 percent of Filipino learners “do not know what they should know”.

Below is the FB post of Chu which reads:

“Yung nag sorry na yung World Bank tapos sya gusto ipilit. Lol.

Palitan lang sila ni Manny ng patangahan levels”

For the sake of fairness, VP Leni Robredo said in her weekly radio program that the Philippine government must declare an education crisis, notwithstanding the mea culpa statement from the World Bank for using an outdated data as basis for their earlier statement about the state of the Philippine education system.

“Dapat magdeklara na tayo krisis sa edukasyon para pagtuunan ng malaking pansin (We should declare an education crisis so we can focus on improving it),” Robredo said during her weekly radio show.’ [Manila Bulletin]

Robredo defended her recommendation to declare education crisis in the Philippines not because of the WB data but cited the Department of Education’s (DepEd) own data based on the National Achievement Test (NAT) score of those in Grade 10 level.

According to Robredo, the NAT scores of Grade 10 students are very telling – only one percent of junior high school students are proficient in Math, three percent in English, and one percent in Science.

Excerpts from Manila Bulletin article:

Robredo also cited a separate assessment from the Asian Foundation that said 34,500 of the schools in the Philippines have no internet access while 5,000 are without electricity.

“Para sa akin, isa iyong [proof] na meron tayong krisis sa education. Hindi lang dala itong ng World Bank. Hindi lang naman ito yung una (For me, that is proof that we have a crisis in education. This is not brought about by World Bank alone. This is not the first),” Robredo said.

Here are some of the comments of netizens on Chu’s FB thread in reaction to Robredo’s recommendation to declare education crisis in the Philippines.

“Educational Crisis. Yep. SHE being the prime and perfect example of it!!! Literal,” retorted a netizen.

“Perfect specimen of education failure: Photo as exhibit A, above, 😂😂 joked another netizen.

“Totoong may Education Crisis tayo sa bansa. Exhibit A: ATTY. LENI ROBREDO!” added this netizen.

“Ok declare na “education crisis” pero ung exhibit nya sarili nya na lawyer nga pero pagnagsalita parang yung yon lang at hihiluhin tayo sa mahabang statement na paligoy-ligoy makadami lang ng sinasabi! Tse!” chimed in another netizen.


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair

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