Palpak again! Netizen reacts after Yellow supporters attempt to pin Andres Bautista’s scandal to the Marcoses went bust

As Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista trouble mounts up after the scandal erupted, the Yellow supporters are scrambling to pin down the Marcoses to save their boy Andy.

First, the Yellows attempted to connect the Marcoses to Andres Bautista scandal via his wife Liza. But when that didn’t fly, they shifted to plan B.

This time, the Yellow supporters have begun spreading a photo of Duterte together with Tish Bautista, her lawyer and allegedly another lawyer named Michael Marcos Manotoc, son of Imee Marcos. Check the photo below for your guidance.

The photo has attracted the attention of non-Marcos supporters but a known supporter of Pres. Duterte.

One such fellow is Franco Mabanta who took to Facebook calling out the Yellow supporters for another miserable attempt to pin down the Marcoses for the Andres Bautista scandal.

Read the post below.

Know how there’s this ever increasing push by the Liberal Party to pin this Andy Bautista scandal on the Marcoses? As though they manufactured this whole thing to oust Leni?

Well, they (the Yellows) posted this today. Problem iiiiiisss…


Nice try, guys. Profoundly pathetic. 😂

PS – I’ll keep reiterating this for my comments section…I have never been affiliated with the Marcoses. Not and never have been a fan of Ferdinand; indifferent to Bongbong. I don’t care. 🙂

But I also promised to never lie to you — so if someone’s full of shit, I will pick up my bat and sm@sh them on the he@d with it. (Always feels better when it’s a Yellow head.)

Let us read the comments in the thread to get the pulse of the social media.

Mike Acebedo Lopez remarked: “hahahaha that’s not Michael M. Manotoc, for sure! LOLOLOL”

Apple Casey commented: “Hopeless na talaga tong mga dilawan na to! Kapal! Minsan nakakatawa na lang sila eh😅”

Aiza Albert Ofilas wrote: “Hahahaha miserable fail”

Garlic Garcia said: “That’s certainly NOT Michael Manotoc 👍🏼 right Cara Manglapus”

Your reaction?

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