Pampi Lacson’s Instagram photos corroborate Faeldon statement senator’s son imported huge shipment of cement in 2016

Following the privilege speech of Senator Lacson accusing Faeldon and other top Custom officials of corruption, Faeldon return the favor by implication the senator’s son as a smuggler.

In a press conference yesterday, Faeldon said the Sen.Lacson’s son is involved in smuggling of cement as early as July 2016.

Faeldon questioned the ability of Pampi Lacson’s to import P106 million worth of cement into the country when it only had a capitalization of P20,000 in 2015.

An angry Faledon remarked that what he is saying is not hearsay, not a product of fiction, unlike his derogatory remarks made in the senate floor.

Faeldon said that if Lacson deny knowing this, then he knows nothing about Customs. And worse, a liar!

Faeldon also accuses Lacson of using the issue to launch his second bid for another run for the Presidency come 2022. You may watch the video here.

In another Rappler video, Faeldon mentioned the name of Pampi Lacson’s company (Bonjourno) that imports cement in the country.

This was also mentioned in the news report on GMA News.

If you’d recall, Lacson accused Faeldon of accepting P100-million peso ‘pasalubong’ as soon as he assumed the post as Customs Comissioner Chief.

Lacson also accused other top Customs officials of accepting bribes via the ‘TARA’ or ‘PAYOLA’ system.

Lacson said that because the Customs officials have already been compromised, drug smugglers freely do their business in our ports.

According to Lacson, there are 15,000 to 16,000 containers that passes through our ports in a week and half of these paid a ‘TARA’ to the corrupt Customs officials.

For each container that goes through our port, the standard ‘TARA’ is P19,000 and as high as P45,000. Now do the math and you’ll be shocked how much money these people are making each week.

Here are some of the Instagram photos of Pampi Lacson for reference if indeed Faeldon is not making up his allegation.

Full version of Lacson’s privilege speech accusing Faeldon and companies of corruption.

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