Pang beauty pageant lang ang style niyo kasi – Atty. Trixie to local media organizations who organize Presidential interviews

Ayan tuloy. Nadurog yung inyong format. Pang beauty pageant lang ang style niyo kasi. This is how Atty. Trixie of the Luminous booed the organizers of Presidential interviews in light of Atty. Vic Rodriguez statement to the concerns of the supporters of the Opposition candidates whether BBM will accept or attend future interviews, fora or debates for Presidential candidates.

Basically, BBM’s Spokesman replied that it is going to be case to case basis. If the program is a 1-hour long and there are 5 candidates, most probably BBM will not attend because the BBM camp believed an hour-long program will not give the candidate enough time to honestly explain to the public his stand on a particular issue. For example, the West Philippine Issue. Atty. Rodriguez even doubted that a candidate can explain well his position with regards to, let us say, the pandemic response, economic recovery post-pandemic in 30 minutes.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to express their opinion on the post.

Precisely! Iyong iyong iba nga na kandidato nabubulol na. Nabubulol na dahil kundi man alam ang pinagsasabi, pinagsasabi pa rin kahit nabubulol na. Kung sa akin lang…sa akin lang, kulang sa oras. Kulang sa oras talaga. Kulang sa oras para mai-explain nila ang mga sinasabi nila dahil maikli lang ang panahon…ang panahon na makapag-explain sila. Kulang talaga iyong panahon.

Ang dapat na iniinterview ng tatlong beses isang araw seven days a week ay ung mga kandidatong malayo ang SAGOT SA TANONG at bka sakaling makatiempo ng tamang sagot sa tanong! Ang nkakatuwa pa ,kung sino ung mga TANGANG SASAGOT sila pa ung mapanira sa kapwa! 😂😂😂😂Sa totoo lng itong mga kandidato sa presidente ay para lng mga kaklase natin sa school! Ung bang kilala natin agad kung sino sino sa classroom ang mga BOBO😂

money and viewership ratings matters. anyway, puro naman tanga ang manonood at makikinig, sabi ng mga tv, radio stations & HOSTS na concerned “kuno” sa bayan,…. so, lets’ have fun. just give them 5 minutes each, 3 hours for our commercial, 1 hour for the station ID & 1 hour and a half for the host to talk about what he/she thinks is the sad plight of the country and the Filipino people.

I agree with what PRRD said about this Presidential Interview/Debate “…it is purely for the TV network profitability…” Imagine mas mahaba ba daw ang commercial kaysa Interview…🤔🤔🤔🤔


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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