#PangiladSaBugoAyawSaMangtas|This is the message of fellow Mindanaoan lawyer to Manny Pacquiao

“Kung walang magnanakaw, Walang mahirap.”

~Manny “Punchdrunk” Pacquiao

This is a fallacy of the worst kind. Because it is a paradox. It is quickly exposed to mean nothing,” This is how Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan, co-founder of the FB page the Luminous and a Davaoeno, to one of Pacquiao’s favorite campaign taglines circulating online.

Atty. Ahmed offered to dissect and prove Pacquiao’s pet line is a fallacy. Let’s deconstruct.

Basically, Atty. Ahmed offered 4 ways to skin a cat, so to speak.

First, Most thieves say they steal stuff because they are poor. They were poor first prior to taking to thievery. Poverty drove them to steal. 1-0.

Second, rich and poor, as social classes is historically rooted in inequality of distribution of power. It is power that made the early humans get property. It also allowed them to take property from weaker humans. Property determines richness and poorness. Powerful humans took property from weaker humans. NOT POORER HUMANS. 2-0.

Third, Graft and corruption in government has nothing to do with wealth. People convicted of stealing from state coffers are equally distributed between the rich and the poor kind. Check your stats. 3-0.

Fourth, Anyone, with or without money, can and do take to stealing. And anyone, rich or poor, can be and are victims of thievery. 4-0.

Atty. Ahmed wrapped up the argument by concluding that financial status has no causal relationship with the tendency to steal.

Wealth, or the lack of it, has no causal relationship with the propensity to steal stuff from others.

Meanwhile, Atty. Ahmed said that Pacquiao’s “Kung walang magnanakaw, Walang mahirap” tagline just goes to prove he simply took the short route to earn a polsci degree.

Manny Pacquiao is a stupid political science graduate. He would have known all this shit if he really went through the process of learning. This just proves that he did not.

In other words, Pacquiao’s diploma is nothing but a decoration. Looks good from the outside but inside it’s empty.

His diploma is specious.

Total Tally:
Satan – Grandslam.
Pacquiao – 0.

PangiladSaBugoAyawSaMangtas Translation: Fool the dumb and stupid ones but not the ruthless. (intelligent ones)



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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