Paolo Duterte chides Escudero for accusing the elder Duterte of being a user

How sweet of Paolo Duterte to rush to his father’s side when the senator from Sorsogon lambasted his father for being an opportunist!

Paulo Duterte versus Escudero

Paolo Duterte vs Chiz Escudero

After Sen. Chiz Escudero told the elder Duterte to stop using the SET decision favoring Grace Poe as an excuse to throw his hat into the 2016 Presidential derby, Paolo Duterte rushed to his father’s rescue.

On his Facebook Page, the younger Duterte wrote that the good senator being a lawyer, should know that Grace Poe is not considered as a natural-born Filipino and does not even satisfy the residency requirement.

The Vice-Mayor of Davao City continued that Chiz Escudero, despite being aware of this fact, continues to push the Presidential aspiration of his running mate. The younger Duterte asked, “Who’s now using who?”

I am certain that Escudero, who is a lawyer himself, knows all too well that Grace Poe cannot be considered a natural-born Filipino citizen and does not satisfy the residency requirement, yet he persistently pushes her to the presidential race. Who’s now using who?

It can be recalled that the elder Duterte cited his change of heart to gun for the Presidency in 2016 due to the SET decision favoring Sen. Grace Poe against the disqualification case filed by Rizalito David question the citizenship of the Senator and Presidential aspirant latter.

In an ambush interview with the media during the famous birthday party in Dasmarinas Cavite recently, Mayor Duterte he says:

You cheapen the presidency. It’s important for everybody. You don’t cheapen it by the interpretation of a treaty. In the first place, we’re not a signatory. Second, it’s a presumption so you have a presumptive citizen running the affairs of government. Ay, mahirap yan. (It’s difficult.)

Paolo Duterte continued that he knows where Sen. Chiz Escudero is coming from; it is the senator’s personal ill-interest that motivates him to defend Grace Poe’s qualification to run for the Presidency. Meanwhile, the elder Duterte’s passionate position is anchored on the provision in the Constitution, which the good Mayor maintain is the very fabric that holds this country together.

Escudero’s insistence on Poe’s qualifications springs from his personal ill-interest while Mayor Duterte’s position on Poe’s qualification is culled from the Constitution, which to him is ‘the only document which holds this country together.’

Paolo Duterte’s simple act of gesture has earned praises from his father’s followers. The Mayor from Davao City must be teary-eyed reading this post from his son.

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