“Parayawnun”, “masumo” — Netizen slams Jim Paredes & company’s street performance to campaign against BBM in a busy street somewhere in the metro

So a video on Tiktok showing Jim Paredes and fellow Leni Robredo supporters taking their act to a busy street somewhere in Metro Manila has reached the attention of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu.

Chu quickly reposted the Tiktok video of Jim Paredes’ street performance together with his fellow Leni Robredo supporters to give her personal take on the matter.

Chu began by telling Jim and company, apparently campaigning for Leni Robredo, that generally Filipinos don’t like “bida-bidang” classmates in the school who always volunteer to perform. These are your classmates who think that when they have presentation in school but their classmates are shooting each other annoyed looks.

Chu said these are the kind of classmates whose performances are only like by their mothers but the classmates hate it.

Chu described Jim Paredes’ street performance in Waray: “PARAYAWNUN” “MASUMO!”

So I checked Google and according to one website, PARAYWNUN is pasikat or showy and MASUMO is nakakaumay in Tagalog and boring or sickening in English.

Another statement of Krizette using a combo of English and Waray sent me again to Google and I guess “too much parayaw no likes to dayaw” means too showy and no one likes to praise or make a favorable comment.

Chu said that performances like those performed by Jim and company are unappreciated generally by Filipinos. She urged netizens to just look at the passersby very closely and see what she meant.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

Just an advice, nothing personal: Most Filipinos don’t really like the bida-bidang classmates sa school na laging performance level ang ganap. Yung Akala nila tuwang tuwa yung mga tao sa classroom pag meron silang presentation, but their classmates are shooting each other annoyed looks. Yung Akala nila they’re doing the school a favor by volunteering to perform.

Yung mga classmate mong mga nanay nyo lang ang natutuwa pero kayo hindi.

I don’t know the Tagalog word but in Waray it’s called “PARAYAWNUN.” MASUMO!

Too much parayaw no one likes to dayaw 🤣

These performances are unappreciated by most. Tignan nyo kayo kayo lang nanonood sa sarili nyo.


Source: Krizette Chu

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