Parody letter demands Karen Davila to attend senate hearing in ethics complaint against Trillanes because of doubtful text message

Karen Davila of ABS-CBN has been very vocal about her stance that Paolo Duterte must attend the senate hearing after his name was mentioned repeatedly by Customs broker Taguba.

Davila was very emotional during her radio show at DZMM, insisting that as a taxpayer, she has every right to demand Paolo Duterte to attend the senate hearing because his name has been mentioned by a witness under oath.

This is what Karen had to say in the video.

“Wala akong kinakampihan. Ang sinabi is you have to quote the first family at a higher standard. Baguhin ko po. Kayo ay first family. Kayo ay nasa gobyerno. Dapat you are beyond reproach. Ano ibig sabihin. Walang duda sa inyo. Walang duda sa pagkatao nyo. Walang duda sa kredibilidad nyo. Ito lang ang sasabihin ko: Kung totoo na walang kinalaman si Paolo Duterte, Vice Mayor sya. Binanggit ang pangalan nya sa senado. Ito ang tanong ko, Vice Mayor Duterte…Di ako galit ha. This is not personal, ba’t di kayo sa senado? Ang pangalan nyo ay binabanggit ng isang testigo. This is very important to me. Ang pangalan nyo binabanggit ng isang testigo. Si Atty. Mans Carpio na asawa ni ano, ni Mayor Sara. Oh eto nakita ko na criniticize si Trillanes sa Facebook, di ko kinakampihan si ano, si Trillanes. Bat di mo ipaliwanag sa senado? Ang point ko ito lang. Bakit sinong ordinaryo individual, bakit kailangan sumipot sa senado? Bakit po kayo di pwede? Sorry. Vice mayor kayo? You’re an elected official. Am i correct? What spares you and not everbody else? Kung si Karen Davila binanggit sa senado partner, are you telling me makakalusot ako sa senado at di ako sisipot? Dedepensahan ako ni Senator Gordon. Binanggit lang si Karen Davila anong beses mo? Hello! Sinabpoena na ako noon. Ito lang tanong ko. You are a public official. Hindi po ito personal. Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, it is your responsibility. In fact to clarify your name, to clean it. Binabanggit kayo ng isang testigo under oath sa senado. At ito namang mga senador, ito po ang tanong ko, kahit po elected official or ordinaryong tao, pantay-pantay kami. Hindi po porket myembro ng first family, hindi po ipapatawag. Yan po ang opinyon ng isang taxpayer na tulad ko. Sana patas po, ipatawag nyo lahat na binabanggit under oath senado. Walang takot yan.”

Karen Davila’s video has gone viral, generating more than 1.6 million views, 12K comments and 16K reactions 4 days after it hit Facebook.

As a result, a rarody letter authored by Mark Lopez demanding Karen Davila to appear in Senate hearing in impending ethics complaint versus Trillanes after her name was mentioned in forwarded SMS.

“Dear Karen Davila,

I have received a forwarded text message sent by a friend of a relative of a neighbor of a classmate of mine in elementary.

The said text message said that the plush and very exclusive condo unit in Makati where you reside is actually being paid for by unsettled DBP loans that is now said to be managed by the highly paid consultants of Senator Trillanes.

With this, I demand that since your name was mentioned in the said text message, you should immediately appear in the forthcoming Senate Ethics complaint procedure against Trillanes that will be tackled soon.

Again, your name was mentioned repeatedly and this is more than enough to compel you to make the said appearance.

This demand is valid and enforceable based on your own definition of how a person should act on the basis of hearsay.

And this is not personal ha.

We trust that you will be setting a good example based on your conviction.

Thank you and regards,

A Netizen”

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