“Pasok sa Banga!” Jay Sonza describes how all senators fell for the trap set up by DOJ Sec. Menardo Guevarra in yesterday’s senate hearing


If retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is to be believed, the senators, all of them, fell for the trap laid out by DOJ Secretary Menardo Guevarra during the senate hearing called by Sen. Grace Poe.

Sonza said the statement Guevarra dropped yesterday netted for him all the senators in his pocket. “Ibinulsa silang lahat ni Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra kahapon when gave his opinion on ‘may kalakaran nga, pero hindi iyon ang Batas.'”

Sonza remarked that executive decides not to follow the “usual routine” and implement the law, the conversation is done or finished. “when the executive decides not to follow the ‘nakasanayang kalakaran,’ and implement the law, tapos ang usapan.”

Meaning? “No franchise. No Broadcast. The law is the law.”

Sonza remarked that besides the “usual routine” or kalakarag nakasanayan, there is no complaint versus GMA, PT&T and Smart. “Besides, sa kalakarang nakasanayan, walang nagreklamo Laban sa GMA, PT&T at Smart.”

But the same cannot be said of ABS-CBN, Sonza said. They have other pending cases. “Sa kaso ng ABS-CBN, sandamakmak ang reklamo. Bukod tangi, may pending na kaso pa.”

Sonza, judging by the tone of his voice, was laughing hard at the thought that all senators took the bait and fell for the trap laid down by SOJ Guevarra, took the wheel, figuratively speaking, like idiots. “Sumakay lahat ng senador sa front seat at humawak lahat sa manibela na parang mga tanga lang.”

Sonza lauded the drama acted out by the DOJ, NTC, BIR, SEC and DOLE in yesterday’s senate hearing. “And husay ng drama ng DOJ, NTC, BIR, SEC at DOLE kahapon.”

Sonza urged the public too look at the quo warranto petition vs. ABS-CBN to understand the point he is trying to drive home. “Look at the Quo Warranto Petition vs. ABS-CBN and you will understand what I wrote here.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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