Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, netizens vetoes senate probe on government-funded troll farms

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has spoken on the issue of government-funded troll farms where 12 senators have called for a senate probe.

In social media graphic posted by SMNI News, Pastor Quiboloy made himself clear that as far as he is concerned, commenting in social media to show their support for the government is under the freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

Pastor Quiboloy insisted the need to understand if there is any violation, if government funds are used and then, establish the fact that indeed these people are indeed involved in troll farms.

However, if is voluntarily done by any concerned netizen who wish to defend the President and the administration and to promote what he is doing and then be critical to the opposition, I don’t think there is a law against that, Pastor Quiboloy argued.

As of this writing, the social media graphics from SMNI News bannering Pastor Quiboloy’s opinion on the issue of troll farms has generated 3,841 reactions, 422 comments and 222 shares in 13 hours and counting.

Let us read some of the comments below from netizens and see how they feel about Pastor Quiboloy’s opinion on the issue.

If there was anyone who needs investigated, this netizen said, it would be the mainstream media for spreading fake news and Opposition trolls who are making rude comments at the President. “Ang dapat unang paimbestigahan yung mga mainstream media na nagpapakalat ng fake news at yung mga trolls ng opposition na bumabalahura sa pangulo, dapat alamin kung sino nagpi-finance at nagpapa-boost sa mga yan.” To which a fellow commenter concurred: “totoo po yang sinasabi nyo..mga trolls ng opposition grabe mag balahura kay PRRD…minsan ko ng nadiskubre sila..look for Ann Valdez…yang account na yan ang pugad nila.”

“I believe those ‘Troll Farms’ belong to the yellows … PRRD administration does not need trolls because his approval ratings is way UP THERE…. Only the opposition is needed of trolls to help them to boost themselves up,” said another netizen.

On one hand, this netizen supports the senate probe so that it can established that the alleged troll farms can be proven that they are indeed legitimate and unpaid supporters of the President: “Mas dapat imbestigahan ng senado yan para mapatunayan na ang troll farms na sinasabi nila ay mga legitimate at unpaid supporters. Kung hindi iimbestigahan ay ikakabit na lang lagi na bayaran ang mga supporters.”

“Only in the Philippines where true people who expresses truth are called trolls. Trolls who decide and vote,” lamented a netizen.

This comment from a netizen belying they are paid trolls but a supporter of the President has been shared by fellow Duterte supporters: “I love my country and the governance of tataydigz and his team. Para sayo hontivirus hindi po ako troll! Ipinagttanggol ko lng ang nasa tama at may ginagawa at malasakit sa mamamayang pilipino lalong lalo na sa katulad ko na mahirap! Kayu mga trolls sarili nnyo ang paimbestigahan nyo!”


Source: SMNI News

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