Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on Pacquiao answering back President Duterte: “Manny Pacquiao cannot talk like that.”

In response to President Duterte scolding him, tellinh to study well on foreign policy over his statement saying he found President Duterte’s recent stance vs China over WPS lacking, Senator Pacquiao answered back to the President.

I regret the President was misinformed regarding my statement on the West Philippine Issue. I am a Filipino voicing out what needs to be said in defense of what has been adjudicated as rightfully ours.

Over his TV program, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy was asked what he thinks of Manny Pacquiao’s statements lately, the Davao City-based religious leader told the public without batting an eyelash that as far as he is concerned, Pacquiao cannot talk like that. He is merely used as voice for these people.

So when we vote, for example Manny becomes the President, these people behind him will become the President. Pacquiao is just their puppet. Ouch!

Pastor Quiboloy’s statement has gone viral as of this writing, generating 12,466 reactions, 4,200+ shares and 2,500 comments in just 14 hours and counting.

Replying on the thread, one netizen wrote in agreement with Pastor Quiboloy: “True po Pastor. Magiging tau-tauhan lang sya ng mga handlers nya.Tiyak mga oligarko balik saya na naman.Sa ABS CBN nga isa sya sa nais magpabalik. So sad Manny Pacquiao..

“Very well said po pastor . He is underpaid and exploited by our fellow Filipino oligarchs,” said another.

“That’s exactly the truth Pastor..Manny doesn’t have the brain …he is being used by the bright people who surround him for their own political agenda.An empty barrel remains empty but it can make the most noise!” chimed in another.

Meanwhile, Senator Pacquiao has supporters who were very vocal and reacted in defense of the boxer turned senator.

“Lakas makapag judge nito ni Quiboloy kay Manny Pacquiao. Nagbabayad kaya ito ng millions of tax sa govt katulad ni Manny. Lahat naman ng senators may adviser okay ka lang Quiboloy. Ibig mong sabihin lahat ng senators na nagsasalita hindi nila sariling opinion yun kundi sa adviser nya. Hay apo” a Pacquiao supporter remarked.

“Well to be fair, every President seeks the help of Presidential advisers. Does that make the President a puppet? Once in our life, we have been guided by a mentor or an adviser. They help us reach our messages and intentions in life clear. There’s a reason why we seek the help of our lawyers for us to better understand our legal situations. Just because Pacquiao cannot speak English fluently makes him illegible to voice out his opinions in this democratic country,” commented another Pacquiao supporter.


Source: SMNI

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