Pastor Apollo Quiboloy reacts to Sen. Dick Gordon “failing” scorecard on Duterte admin’s performance 5 years after assuming office

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy isn’t buying Senator Dick Gordon’s “failing” scorecard of President Duterte’s administration after 5 years since assuming Malacanang, especially, in the area of improving the lives of Filipino people.

A quote card from SMNI News Channel bannered Pastor Quiboloy’s reaction to Senator Gordon circulates online recently.

Pastor Quiboloy defended his friend President Duterte and his administration, saying that the government has its limitations because in the first place, our country is not rich. In spite of all these, the President has done a lot, correct?

“It’s very debatable,” Pastor Quiboloy said of Senator Gordon’s statement. With due respect to him I don’t believe what he is saying. Perhaps, Sen. Gordon is also interested to run for President.

As of this writing, SMNI News Channel’s post generated 2,708 reactions, 796 comments and 155 shares in just 5 hours and counting.

Netizens dived into the comment section to express what they think of Senator Gordon versus Pastor Quiboloy statements.

One netizen angrily commented that Gordon won’t get his vote for sure and had enough so he better retire.

“This Senator has been in the senate but then nothing have changed for the benefit of all. And now he has the gut to criticize this government. I don’t think will have change even if he elected to higher post. Thus, won’t he get my vote for sure. Enough you better retire!”

Another commented that the senator appears to look oblivious of what is happening around the globe all countries are is the same boat due to the pandemic.

“This senator looks blind watch around the globe all countries are in same boat coz of this pandemic at least in this country some infrastructure projects are being done. With previous administration you are completely silent for all the corruption and now u kept whining Kasi u want to run for higher office feel free and let the trolls u called together with your colleague in the senate decide 🙄🙄🙄

A third one added: “We could have move forward but natigil because of covid. Ask urself Sen. Gordon kong ano ang nagawa mo all these years….”

This netizen isn’t surprised of Senator Gordon’s statement: “Election is coming negativity against the Duterte administration is expected ,flowery words is overwhelming that they are one that would bring a better life to its citizens. Unfortunately our country became poorer from the past administration & eventually wealthier corrupt politicians. 😢


Source: SMNI News

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