Pastor Apollo Quiboloy takes a jab at Manny Pacquiao: “Wala akong bilib sa taong traydor”

As the title says, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy quipped he does not admire people who are traitors, “Wala akong bilib sa taong traydor.”

Pastor Quiboloy remarked that Pacquiao is the PDP Laban president and President Duterte as Chairman. Since he has innuendos, accusations and criticisms, Pacquiao betrayed the President and blind to Pacquiao’s backstabbing.

In hindsight, Pastor Quiboloy could only tell Pacquiao what should have been done before turning his back from the President.

Why? Pastor Quiboloy asked.

The public knows that Pacquiao has the President’s confidence.

SMNI News FB post has quickly gone viral, generating 10,000 reactions, 1,100 comments and 1000 shares in just 3 hours and growing.

Commenting on the thread, this netizen wrote: “Yan ang nkakatakot magkaroon ng kaibigang traydor. Umangat lang kakalampagin kana. Respito din sa taong tumulong sayo Manny wag pera pera nlng.”

“Nabuhay si Judas sa pagkatao ni Manny Pacquiao,” replied another.

“Pastor mahirap talaga magtiwala sa isang ahas.kasi tutuklawin kahit anong gawing alaga ahas parin.paksiw noon sa ngayon boro na,” a third netizen remarked.

This netizen warned public before casting their vote for Pacquiao in the next election: “Sinaksak ng patalikod si PRRD ni Pacman! Don’t trust this guy, lahat susuwagin masunod lang ang gusto nya. He doesn’t have contentment in life. God is watching your greedy aspirations in life!”

This netizen sums what a Pacquiao president would be like in one paragraph. “How can you vote for a man who doesn’t have any loyalty? it goes to show that he can easily be influenced by anyone who is power hungry! Whoever advised Manny sees him as weak! A president can’t be manipulated, we had those in the past! President DU30 is a man of his word and do not condone with any dirty tricks of trapos, he is not a politician but a government employee with the highest position who had been trying his best since 2016. Manny gave a preview of what would he become if he wins as President…… a toy, a puppet of the power hungry trapos! 👊🇵🇭


Source: SMNI News

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